Down South, just outside Hell.

Some times, just some of them, you can't but hate the NATO-minded, "Mighty Agency" spooks and mooks that still think they are theones that saved us from turning into phosphorescent ashes. But seeing their faces when you remind them it was THEIR government the one that put us there in the first place, and all the silly tangents and relativist drivel they can spout, makes it worth the five minutes of their posturing.

Then, it's all about business. The way WE like it.

Sure, most of my country and those further down south, are full of places that nothing but villages... But I've been to the Appalachian mountains, a few communities in Georgia, Tennessee and Louisana, and read many things about the Western royalty that I am proud to say that we don't have so many inbreds in our "nothing but villages". Still, we are far from perfect and beyond caring, it seems. Our local and federal goverments are corrupt, our police forces are inefficient or insufficient... or both... the Military, well... it used to do good when there were national emergencies like earthquakes, floods, fires, but now, let's just say that policing the streets and fighting the organized crime isn't their forté and has everyone quite tense about the whole affair.

Then, there's us. The secret service outside the Secret Service. Watchdogs for our more crooked counterparts and bosses. And yours, "Great White Father". That's one of the other things that we... well, I hate about some of you. You really believe your are bringing freedom to us, poor, little copperskins. Man, I'm paler than you and I've been in the sun just as long as you have, "redface".  You ran though 5 .9mm magazines like they were beer on hot afternoon, "borrowed" two of mine and managed to pop 5 guys to my 7 with just two mags... You got sloppy or just too confident on your "superior" training? 'Cause let me tell you, those guys that came for YOU, I just happened to be the poor sucker who was ordered to contact you, all were ex-Mil. At least two of them were Kaibiles... yes, those Guatemalan elite soldiers your Army helps train in jungle warfare and survival tactics, as well as "terror" tactics, but let's just not go there... You've no ammo left and I am in no mood to argue with you.

That's right, this is no discussion... I was ordered to brief you, so you shut it and listen carefully, burgerboy.

You have no idea what you are facing here and just how much we've learned from you over the years. You just can't realize how much we don't give a rat's ass about your nukes or the jihadi's dirtbombs or the Chechenian conflict or the Somalian pirates or your crooked past administration... we have our hands full here and it's not just druglords or kidnappers or guys in big hats, sitting by a cactus who don't want to work.

We have to stop some of your compatriots from turning a hot spot into a graveyard.

By the way our group is officially known as "ANADI" ; it's the Ala Nacional de Defensa e Inteligencia, or Defense & Intelligence National Wing in your language. Whatever they told you back at Fort Bragg is inaccurate... and we'd like it to stay that way because many a bird in the government here don't know we exist. Some do, but can't pinpoint us and refer to us with a monicker... one we like, actually... they call us "Los Vagos", assuming we are just another criminal group, or a federal death squad used to dispose of "liabilities to the system" or even awol soldiers looking for some freelance work. Thus, los vagos for we are a mistery, our intentions "vague" to them.

One thing you can be sure is we both are after the same target so you can trust implicitly on this mission. You come from a brach we trust to be unspoiled, as of yet, that's why we initiated contact and arranged your insertion. We can pool our resources and root out the bastards who are backing up the operation here on your side of the fence...

What?! "Just stop the supply lines there and get back home"? That's what they told you?! Well, that gives us a few leads, then. I think we should visit your Consulate here in Tijuana, and then move down to Guadalajara. Consider this your official welcome to Mexico, güero.

Stopping the supply lines! Boy, you really are greener than a dollar bill, Joe!