Twilight 2013 Shooter's Guide: Alternate Arms

The greatest guns that never were...

For every gun that becomes a household name, there's one that falls by the wayside of martial history. We all know the famous successes – but what about the weapons that were too expensive, too eccentric, or just too advanced for their time? And what if history had swung a slightly different way to bring one of those lost guns into production instead? Would this be your rifle?

Shooter's Guide: Alternate Arms is 93 Games Studio's second weapon supplement for the Twilight: 2013 roleplaying game. It provides a look at an esoteric collection of firearms that never made it past the prototype stage, including the Enfield EM-2, the Colt SCAMP, and Heckler & Koch's caseless G11 family. All in all, over a dozen weapons are detailed with Reflex System game information – and this product is fully dual-statted for use with Spycraft 2.0, too!

Product Information
14 pages
PDF release
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Spycraft 2.0
Clayton Oliver
Keith Taylor, Tyler Windham
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