Archer Foundation Chamber Book

“That’s quite all right. We all play the Game here…”

Delve into the very heart of intrigue and take an incredible tour through the secret history of the Shadowforce Archer world setting. Learn what drives the most pervasive spy organization on the planet and face the impossible threats it's so far held at bay. Blow the lid off an unbelievable war that's been hidden in plain sight for over fifty years...

  • The Foundation, Inside and Out: Chamber and Inter-Chamber protocols, key locations in Australia and across the globe, and new rules for Foundation agents and their greatest enemies.
  • What Archer Doesn’t Want the World to Know, and Why: What drives the covert incursions from the Far East? Brief on current Shop operations.
  • New Agent Options: Become a genius Sleuth, a discerning Field Analyst, an occult Fringewalker, a lightning-fast Hyper, an over-the-top Maxim, a counter-insurgent Scanner, or an Archer Foundation Lord! Choose from new feats, skill uses, bundles, gadgets, and more.
  • New GC Resources: NPC classes, fully detailed threats, flavorful shadow history, and ready-to-use plot hooks. Also included: a prop-driven hook sheet, a fully detailed location at the bottom of the sea, and a chase map of Canberra.

This file is fully bookmarked for ease of use.


Product Information
144 pages
PDF release
Classic Spycraft
Shadowforce Archer
Scott Gearin, Patrick Kapera
Cris Dornaus, Zak Hennessey, Jonathan Hunt, Veronica V. Jones, Richard Pollard, Jason Walker, Paul H. Way
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