U.S. Militaries

Every agent is an army of one. Imagine what five could do...

Some of the Agency’s best and brightest are chosen from the ranks of the U.S. Armed Forces, which are also often the last line of defense against the most aggressive criminal organizations. This comprehensive volume offers a view into these noble and often secretive institutions, with precision details about their tactics, tools, and training grounds. Combining factual and anecdotal evidence from real-world combat veterans, this book takes Spycraft in an entirely new direction, bringing the cutting edge of modern military warfare to your gaming table.

  • Comprehensive Source Material: Detailed breakdowns of all four U.S. military branches, as well as the Coast Guard.
  • Military Roleplay: Tips and guidelines for running a campaign featuring the armed forces.
  • Strategic Gaming: Get inside your soldier-spy’s head with this go-to guide for real-world military tactics and protocols.
  • New Agent Options: Become an airman, marine, seaman, or soldier, and choose from a broad variety of occupational specialties, feats, mission resources, training programs, gear, and vehicles. Also included: rules for military decorations, ranks, promotions, and chain of command.
  • Compatible with Stargate SG-1: Now your SGC can recruit from more corners of the U.S. military than ever before.

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Product Information
128 pages
PDF release
Classic Spycraft
Brannon Boren, B.D. Flory, Clayton A. Oliver, Patrick Parrish, Jim Wardrip
Ilya Astrakhan, Steve Ellis, Veronica V. Jones
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