Topple governments! Ransom the moon!

This essential Spycraft supplement presents hundreds of new campaign options, from ways to expand criminal organizations to devious plots they can unleash, plus new agent options and guidelines for running campaigns against the home office.

  • Mastermind Classes: Subvert and subjugate with base classes designed to perform to the most meticulous villain's standards.
  • New Agent Options: Become a Hired Gun, a Programmed drone, a devious Turncoat, or a Disavowed or Obsessed former agent, now working for the bad guys. Own everyone’s secrets as a thieving Betrayer. Hunt down and eliminate your enemies as a confident Hitman. Exploit new skill uses, feats, training programs, and rules for discipline and threat codes in villain organizations.
  • Randomized Criminal Organizations: Create balanced villain groups randomly or with just a few choices.
  • New GC Resources: New basic minion types, NPC classes, and snitching rules, plus revised and expanded animal rules.

This file is fully bookmarked for ease of use.


Product Information
128 pages
PDF release
Classic Spycraft
Steve Crow, Alex Flagg, B.D. Flory, Clayton A. Oliver
Storn Cook, Veronica V. Jones, Borja Pena, Klaus Scherwinski
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