Fixer/Pointman Class Guide

Fixer/Pointman Class Guide

Play the Great Game by your own rules.

Lead forces through any terrain, smuggle vital cargo past even the most heavily guarded border, and stalk enemy operatives through cities, villain strongholds, and beyond. With new team-based rules, a wide variety of security options, and all the gear and gadgets required to defeat them, the Fixer/Pointman Class Guide can light the fuse on any espionage campaign.

  • Tradecraft Rules: All the ins and outs of clandestine operations, including brainwashing, harassment, interrogation, police action, manhunts, blackmail and coercion, advanced ambush rules, and a new system for ‘taking to the streets’ for assistance.
  • The Spycraft Mission Guide: Everything the GC needs to build his ideal criminal organization and lead the agents through a thrilling season to bring it down. Features rules for building and advancing criminal organizations like agents, including feat-like resources, level-based agendas, new security options, and streamlined rules for physical infiltration and straightforward assault.
  • New Prestige Classes: Play a sneaky Saboteur, an outlaw Goodfella, a cagey Smuggler, or a no-nonsense Cleaner.
  • New Agent Options: Backgrounds, departments, skill uses, feats, bundles and gear options, and more.

This file is fully bookmarked for ease of use.


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128 pages
PDF release
Classic Spycraft
Scott Gearin
Veronica V. Jones, Paul H. Way
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