Fan-Submitted Downloads

The following files have been submitted by industrious, talented fans. If you'd like to submit material for us to host, please contact Crafty Games.

Fantasy Craft

  • AD&D-to-Fantasy Craft Monster Conversion Manual: Expanded monster creation rules from Brakk
  • Class Abilities: All the class abilities in the core rulebook, organized by class, level, and slot, and presented with page references, by Corey
  • Condition Cards: The Fantasy Craft conditions set up to print on 2.5" x 3" (Avery 5871) business cards (by tjoneslo)
  • Iconic Classes and Specialties: A comprehensive overview of iconic classes and specialties in the Fantasy Craft core book (by Dhampire)
  • PC Creation Guide: A detailed explanation of character creation with guidance and tips throughout (by Greg Lowry)
  • Standard Conditions Summary: A quick-reference of conditions in Fantasy Craft (by Anthony Carter)
  • Standard Skills Summary: An overview of all the many skill uses in Fantasy Craft, along with several house rules by the compiler (by Anthony Carter)
  • Skein Deep: A convention-format adventure, complete with custom character cut-outs for map play, by Pickman
  • Sunchaser Map (coloured): A color version of the setting map from the Adventure Companion, along with a handy new scale, by Jon Andersen

Spycraft 2.0

  • Spycraft Avatars: A collection of avatars for use on the Crafty Games forums (or your internet venue of choice)
  • Spycraft Icon 1: Spruce up your computer with this spiffy icon
  • Spycraft Icon 2: A second icon for decorating your computer
  • Spycraft Reference Cards: By Walter Kruger. Stacks of graphic cue cards for weapons, armor, gadgets, contacts, and more
  • GC Support Cards: By Scott Stokes. File includes cards for PCs, NPCs, gear/gadgets, vehicles, and weapons, plus an example set to show them in use Standard 5-1/2" x 4-1/4" cards for use with Avery 3360, 3380 (recommended), or 8387 card stock
  • Initiative Cards:  Form-fillable cards for tracking various (mostly) non-combat info relevant anytime in play, by Gregory Gellene 

Classic Spycraft