Bag Full of Guns: This is my Gun

The first was for fighting, this one's for fun!

"...This is My Gun" is the third in the Bag Full of Guns Toolkit series for the Spycraft 2.0 roleplaying game, and a sequel to the best-selling This is my Rifle... It presents the latest and greatest innovations of the U.S. military, including Dragon Skin armor, the Auto-Assault 12 machine shotgun, the XM-109 Objective Sniper Weapon, the Land Warrior and Interceptor Body Armor systems, the deadly Kriss Super V .45 SMG, and more! Inside you'll find all the rules and supporting material you need to neuter the enemy with superior firepower, as well as with new upgrades, ammunition, and gadgets!

This .zip file includes both a full-color screen version with art, and a printer-friendly version.

Product Information
12 pages
PDF release
Bag Full of Guns
Spycraft 2.0
Alex Flagg, Marcin Aleksander Skupnik, Hannu Vilppula
A4H Designs
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