Spycraft 2.0 Second Printing

2006 ENnies nominee for Best Rules, Best Game, Best d20/OGL Product, and Best Product
Finalist for the 2006 Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming

This is your license to improvise.

Beyond espionage, beyond military mayhem, Spycraft 2.0 is your gateway to an unlimited world of modern action-adventure. It takes the wildly popular Spycraft RPG d20 system to a whole new level: expanding and updating character options, condensing and refining the rules set, and providing the platform for any scenario you can envision. Whether your play style is intimate or epic, freeform or stat-driven, this landmark release contains everything you need to launch into the adventure today.

  • Updated skill system: A newly organized skill set and modified skill rules empower the players to become anything they want to be, and back it up at Level 1.
  • Streamlined gear system: Be ready to play every session in 10 minutes or less! Rules for Agency and freelance play! Quick and easy gear options for any modern genre.
  • Dueling System: Simplified, multi-utility head-to-head mechanics for any contested action, from chases to hacker duels to brainwashing.
  • The only d20 product you need for any modern genre: Espionage, military, near-future, horror, and more - all in one book.
  • Unlimited world and NPC options: Want a gritty world populated with unique villains, quirky henchmen, and minions with character? Look no further!
  • Easy-to-use customization rules: Build virtually any template and lay it over the standard Spycraft system, creating an all-new gaming experience.

NOTE: The new printing of this release contains all errata to date as well as a retooled Gear chapter for easier use. The binding is dramatically improved as well, with a rugged textbook spine!


Product Information
500 pages
Print and PDF release
Spycraft 2.0
Alex Flagg, Scott Gearin, Patrick Kapera
A4H Design
Crafty Games Product Number: 
Mongoose Product Number: 
MGP 6100
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