Celebrate GM's Day With Crafty Games!

This GM's Day, Crafty Games is proud to announce sales on many of its acclaimed products - and the release of a highly anticipated supplement: The Big Score!

For three full days, March 4 to March 6, Crafty Games will discount a mighty grip of products...

  • Fragile Minds, our cosmic horror supplement, will be 1/3 off! Pick up your copy for only $5.00!
  • All Classic Spycraft titles will be 40% off! Pick up the original Spycraft line at its biggest discount ever!

...and on March 6, Crafty Games will release the latest of its toolkit PDFs, The Big Score, which offers three all-new upgrades for the Spycraft 2.0 gear pick rules...

  • The Stockpile system, for those wanting to tweak the current rules so they can track their stuff from mission to mission!
  • The Cash n' Carry system, for those wanting a full-on cash economy!
  • Plus a system for collecting rare and powerful prizes!

All three mini-systems interlock seamlessly with the existing Spycraft 2.0 rules and support any genre or time period. Run a cyberpunk or street campaign where the characters are always on the move, relying only on what they can carry; or a science fiction game aboard a renegade freighter that cruises the Outer Rim, scavenging from the wreckage of a long-forgotten interstellar war; or delve into a fantasy dungeon and drag your hard-fought gains back to town for a stack of shiny coin! However you prefer to gain and track gear using the Spycraft system, this product's all you need!

Happy GM's Day, everyone! Game on, and stay Crafty!