Origin of the Species: Classic Fantasy

Your fantasy is our reality!

Origins of the Species is your destination for non-human races in Spycraft. Each installment in this series of toolkit products contains everything you need to incorporate a collection of fantasy or futuristic, mutant, or mythological races into your Spycraft games. These character options are timeless and setting-free, allowing you to drop them into any location, society, or backdrop. All that’s required is GC approval that they fit within the cosmology of the world!

• Play as one of the Big Four: Dwarf, Elf, Orc, and the lovable, precocious Pech!

• Dozens of Species feats allow you to play as distinct sub-races or master the gifts of your people – without having to suffer level penalties or XP restrictions.

• “Legendary” Master Classes allow you to unlock the greatest powers of your race!

• A complete cast of NPCs let you populate your setting quickly and easily.

• New Character Seeds help you get off to a great start!

• Your first real look at the upcoming Fantasy Craft print product!

Classic Fantasy is the second product in Crafty Games’ Origin of the Species line of products for Spycraft 2.0. This .zip file includes both a full-color screen version with art, and a printer-friendly version.

Product Information
28 pages
PDF release
Origin of the Species
Spycraft 2.0
Scott Gearin
Octographics, Kevin Sanborn, David Wong
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