Faceman/Snoop Class Guide

When the right answers could save the world and the wrong questions might get you killed, there’s only one place to turn…

Waking every day in the heart of corruption and sleeping on a bed of lies, no one understands the many enemies of freedom and peace better than the Agency’s consummate masters of global intelligence, its facemen and snoops. Invisible troops along a covert battlefield few of us can fathom, these innovative investigators are the ultimate secret agents, faceless and romantic relics of a bygone era. The Faceman/Snoop Class Guide thrusts you into this exciting new arena, delving into the often neglected low-impact end of espionage, where knowledge owns the past, and intelligence rules the future.

  • The Spycraft Intelligence Guide: Everything an agent needs to successfully navigate the perilous world of intelligence gathering, with and without Agency assistance, including rules for cryptography, communications, persuasion, manhunts, and more.
  • Investigation Rules: Covering the many ways to gather data in the field, from ultra-modern computer and surveillance gear to the proper handling of witnesses and informants, plus forensics, profiling, stakeouts, surveillance sweeps, and more.
  • New Prestige Classes: Play a crafty Con Artist, a shrewd Negotiator, a stakeout Sentry, or master of electronic inquiry, the Oracle.
  • New Agent Options: Backgrounds, departments, skill uses, feats, bundles and gear options, and more.

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Product Information
128 pages
PDF release
Classic Spycraft
Alex Flagg, Clayton A. Oliver
Veronica V. Jones, Paul H. Way
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