You can’t tell them where you’re going.
You can’t tell them when you’re getting back.
But you can tell them what to do if you don’t come home.

Every airdrop against a moonless night promises intrigue, another chance to own the field — or die trying. You’re a veteran of the global espionage scene, but how are you when the bullets start flying so fast you can’t count them anymore? Where do you hide when even the scenery turns against you? This isn’t your home turf - and those aren’t your garden-variety henchmen…

  • Furious War Zones: Set your Spycraft games against major military backdrops.
  • After the Bombs Drop: Venture into a post-apocalyptic wasteland with rules for radiation and chemical poisoning, weapons of mass destruction, long-term gear, and more.
  • Squad Combat and Battlefield Subterfuge: Single-night missions for military and espionage squads provided for every setting in the book.

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Product Information
128 pages
PDF release
Classic Spycraft
Andy C. Davis, Alex Flagg, Clayton A. Oliver, Jason Olsan, Patrick Parrish
Ilya Astrakhan, Nate Barnes, Veronica V. Jones
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