Teamwork — on a global scale.

With the Agency sourcebook, players not only gain hundreds of new character options but the ability to build their very own home office, tailor-made for their specific needs. Also included are new team mechanics - that agents can use individually or in tandem to much greater effect - making this a must-have for any Spycraft or modern-day d20 fan.

  • Agency Creation Rules: Construct and upgrade the home office as the agents complete missions and level up. Choose the outfit's history, goals, resources, leadership, and manpower, and manage interactions with each of the Agency's divisions.
  • New Agent Options: Become a Civilian Specialist recruited for active duty, a roaming Drifter, an exacting Expert, a knowledgeable Informant, a jittery Paranoid, an efficient Producer, or a bold Field Commander. New skill uses, feats, training programs, and mission resources are also included.
  • Expanded Background Rules: Undertake side missions and overcome personal struggles to earn respect and glory.
  • GC Resources: Randomly generate missions at each phase of a team's career, and use NPC classes to quickly construct foes for any level.

This file is fully bookmarked for ease of use.


Product Information
128 pages
PDF release
Classic Spycraft
Steve Crow, Alex Flagg, B.D. Flory, Clayton A. Oliver, Steven Peterson
Storn Cook, Veronica V. Jones, Klaus Scherwinski, Borja Pena
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