Shadowforce Archer Worldbook

What if James Bond Quit the Service, M couldn't be trusted, and Q worked for the bad guys?

This official Spycraft setting rips back a shroud of conspiracy concealing a century of lies, and presents a thrilling world of incredible movie action, psychic spies, mystic artifacts, and world-spanning criminal organizations, threatening to topple the global order. You play a shadow operative of the vast Archer Conspiracy, charged with secretly keeping the world safe... from itself.

  • Eight New Agencies: Join the Archer Foundation, African Alliance, Company, European Collective, Guardians of the Whispering Knife, Pan-Asian Collective, Room 39, or the Russian Confederacy to take on the traitorous Shop. Each Agency, or "Chamber," has its own cross-genre flavor.
  • Prestige Classes: Become a tactical Counter-Terrorist, a calculating Hacker, or a mystic Shadespeaker.
  • Chemical Monsters, Psionic Investigators, and Mystic Spies: Enter a world where anything is possible and even the secrets of the human mind, body, and spirit are yours to command.
  • Not Our World, Not Our History: Blending real-world events with a detailed and imaginative backstory, Shadowforce Archer is a fresh and exciting spin on the espionage genre.

This download includes a fully bookmarked PDF and a conversion appendix for using the product with Spycraft 2.0.


Product Information
256 pages
PDF release
Classic Spycraft
Shadowforce Archer
Patrick Kapera, Kevin Wilson
Veronica V. Jones (cover), Carl Frank (color), Storn Cook, Johnathan Hunt, A. Bleys Ingram, G. W. McKee II, Richard Pollard, Mike Sellers, Ethan Slayton, Dan Smith, Paul H. Way, Jeff Wright
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