Origin of the Species: Light of Olympus

A new light is dawning!

Origins of the Species is your destination for non-human races in Spycraft. Each installment in this series of toolkit products contains everything you need to incorporate a collection of fantasy or futuristic, mutant, or mythological races into your Spycraft games. These character options are timeless and setting-free, allowing you to drop them into any location, society, or backdrop. All that’s required is GC approval that they fit within the cosmology of the world!

• Play as a mythical Centaur, Faun, Gorgon, or Triton!

• Dozens of Species feats allow you to play as distinct sub-races or master the gifts of your people – without having to suffer level penalties or XP restrictions.

• “Legendary” Master Classes allow you to unlock the greatest powers of your race!

• A complete cast of NPCs let you populate your setting quickly and easily.

• New Character Seeds help you get off to a great start!

Light of Olympus is the first product in Crafty Games’ Origin of the Species line of products for Spycraft 2.0. This .zip file includes both a full-color screen version with art, and a printer-friendly version.

Product Information
26 pages
PDF release
Origin of the Species
Spycraft 2.0
Scott Gearin
David K. Wong, Scott Gearin
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