Crafty Christmas Day 9: World on Fire Previews (and 2.0 sale)!

For those of you who missed the Day 8 announcement, the Spycraft 2.0 Rulebook is on sale now at $19.95! This special discounted price will only last one day so head over to DriveThruRPG now if you want your copy.

Day 9 of our Craftyverse holiday tour brings us a glimpse into the World on Fire that is, and the World on Fire that will be. First, the Ghost of Christmas Present has a little tidbit from the World on Fire Toolkit Setting Book, available now in print and only day(s) away from release in PDF. The book introduces many new ways for characters of every Allegiance to use Reputation to their benefit, including these little gems for those who work for the ruthless counter-terrorist outfit known as Project: Pitfall...

Collateral Damage (5 Reputation): Pitfall operatives are rarely obliged to answer for violence — at least until the property damage bill comes due. Once per scene, you may spend 5 Reputation to ignore all exposure penalties resulting from a single combat.

Tactical Crews (10 Points): Pitfall operatives command elite units trained by the finest militaries in the world. You may spend 10 Reputation and 1 hour to gain the aid of up to 6 Tier II Frighteners or Silencers (see page 158). Per the GC’s discretion, these NPCs help you in any non-combat endeavor for which they’re skilled and equipped until the end of the current scene, or until one of them fails a Damage save or Morale check, or suffers a critical injury, at which point all of the NPCs leave. If these standard NPCs make any skill check that requires a kit while helping you, they’re assumed to possess 1 appropriate grade II kit.

Summary Judgment (25 Reputation): Pitfall operatives endorse justice that is swift, though sometimes uncertain. Once per session, you may spend 25 Reputation and 1 day to put to death any 1 character in government custody. If the target is a special character, the process requires an additional 1d4 days, but the character is publicly transferred to a known Pitfall security facility until his execution.

Cry Havoc (50 Reputation): Pitfall operatives can unleash truly massive forces when threatened or certain of a crucial seizure. You may spend 50 Reputation and 1 day to call in a Pitfall task force of Silencers numbering 10 × your career level. For every 10 Silencers, the task force carries 1 Caliber IV heavy weapon of your choice. You retain military command authority over the task force until the end of the following scene.

Next, the Ghost of Christmas Future would like to direct your attention toward the forthcoming World on Fire PDF line, pulling back the curtain on one of the most elusive groups in the setting, the Bloodvine Syndicate. Here are just a few of the cutthroat machinations within their vicious ranks...

Dead End
Messing with you and yours is a short road to the graveyard. Very bad things happen to people who even try.
Prerequisites: Allegiance (Bloodvine Syndicate), Career Level 3+.
Benefit: The first time each opponent rolls an action die during each scene, you may set the result of that action die to 0.

Made Man
Your Family’s reputation makes even hardened killers nervous.
Prerequisites: Allegiance (Bloodvine Syndicate), Career Level 6+.
Benefit: The first time each opponent makes an attack check or opposed skill check targeting you during each scene, he must make a Will save (DC 10 + your Charisma modifier + the number of Style feats you possess). With failure, the check automatically fails.

Personal Politics
You’re beginning to understand the complex and deadly games played at Fortune House, and they’re changing you by the day.
Prerequisites: Allegiance (Bloodvine Syndicate), Career Level 9+.
Benefit: Your Wealth increases by 1. Further, each effect that temporarily reduces your Lifestyle, Possessions, Starting Cash, or Wealth by 2 or more decreases by 1 (minimum 1). Finally, once per session, you may spend 1 action die to apply the money talks campaign quality to 1 standard scene.