Crafty Christmas Day 5: Majestic Preview (and notice of an upcoming sale)!

With the print version of World on Fire hitting shelves now and the PDF hitting before Christmas, we thought it might be a good idea to showcase the first five levels of one of the new master classes you'll see in the support PDFs: the Shadow Patriots' very own Cold Warrior, the Majestic!

First, though, we want to give you all a heads up that we'll be discounting all the Classic Spycraft books currently available at our online store for one day only. That's right, it's our very first sale! Every Spycraft 1.0 book available in PDF will be 25% off for the duration of Tuesday, December 18 (that's midnight to midnight Pacific Time). So if you're in the mood for a little old(er) school d20 espionage, stop by tomorrow for some savings!

And now, without further ado, we bring you that Master of (Narrowly Missed) Disaster... the original Hard-Drinking Heartbreaker... the untraceable, ununflappable, unforgettable...


The highly trained superspies of Majestic Branch are shining relics of a bygone age. Their intense no-nonsense mission style is as characteristic as their magnetic charms, which swayed leaderships and ladies alike. Today, the Majestics live between the lines, fiercely resisting definition as they seek to bring justice to an increasingly troubled world — on their own terms.
Attributes: The Majestic possesses considerable Charisma, but his diverse abilities require a balanced array of supporting attributes.
Vitality: 1d10 + Con modifier per level.


Allegiance: Shadow Patriots. Without this Allegiance you may still enter this class at Career Level 15 if you meet all other requirements.
Charisma: 15+.
Impress: 4+ ranks.
Feats: Talented and any 1 Tradecraft feat.

Class Skills

The Majestic’s class skills are Bureaucracy, Cultures, Drive, Impress, Investigation, Notice, Profession, Search, and Sneak.
Continuity: At Level 1, choose 3 skills that are class skills for any of your other classes. These become Majestic class skills for you.
Skill Points at Each Additional Level: 6 + Int modifier.

Class Abiliites

Career Agent: At Level 1, you gain the Career Agent feat.
Cross-Class Ability: Your diverse training allows you to pick up parts of other classes along the way. At Levels 1 and 4, you may choose 1 base class ability as described on page 40 of the Spycraft 2.0 Rulebook.
Patriot Games: At Level 2, once per mission during the Intel Phase, you may choose 1 Advanced Skill feat you possess. Each of your teammates may gain the chosen feat as a temporary feat until the end of the current mission. For this purpose, each of the chosen feat’s numerical prerequisites — such as career level, base attack bonus, and skill ranks — decrease by your class level and all Allegiance prerequisites are waived.
Adaptable Cross-Training:  [CLASSIFIED]
Quick Study: [CLASSIFIED]
A Man for all Seasons: [CLASSIFIED]


Level        BAB        Fort        Ref        Will        Def        Init        Wealth        Gear             Abilities
1                +1            +0          +0          +1          +2         +2          1                   —               Career Agent, cross-class ability
2                +2            +0          +0          +2          +3         +3          2                  1T                Patriot games
3                +3            +1          +1          +2          +3         +4          2                  1T                Adaptable cross-training
4                +4            +1          +1          +2          +4         +5          2                  1T, 1G          Cross-class ability, quick study (1 feat)
5                +5            +1          +1          +3          +5         +5          3                  1T, 1G          A man for all seasons 1/session