Bag Full of Guns: Red Heat

This ain’t your dyadushka’s Kalshnikov.

Red Heat is the second installment in the Bag Full of Guns series of Toolkits for Spycraft 2.0, dedicated to bringing the finest, funkiest, and just-plain-coolest weapons to your Spycraft 2.0 tables. This supplement details a baker’s dozen of innovative weapons from the Soviet Union and Russia, including ballistic knives, automatic pistols, silent assault rifles and revolvers, underwater firearms, the newest generation of hard-hitting Russian small arms, and more! Secret agents looking for weapons with superior stealth and armor penetration abilities, or Game Controls looking for more contemporary weapons to arm their minions with need look no further! Inside you'll find all the rules you need to bring these deadly weapons to bear in the Spycraft 2.0 system, including new weapon qualities, detailed descriptions, and more!

This .zip file includes both a full-color screen version with art (and new and improved tables!), and a printer-friendly version.

Product Information
7 pages
PDF release
Bag Full of Guns
Spycraft 2.0
Alex Flagg
A4H Design
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