Print Update: Second Printing and World on Fire

The new galleys from Mongoose were waiting for us when we got home last night and they're great. There's a minor issue with the SP cover - which was totally our fault and easily rectified - but otherwise they're good to go. The bindings are strong, the interiors are crisp, the art and tables are gorgeous, and the annoying text issue we had with the last galley set is gone. Huzzah!

The next step is to set official release dates. As you may have heard us say in the past, you can't trust anything you read over on the Mongoose site until you hear it confirmed from us, here on this site. That's because the Mongoose site is automated and sets dates for everything in their system, even if the date is tentative or unrealistic. We're working to rectify that, but for the moment the dates there are wrong.

The good news is that the dates are now just a little bit more right than before. As we understand it, the dates that are up there now reflect what would happen if we gave the go order today. That won't happen, as Steve still needs to send in the new cover file, but the go order will arrive with the file and we won't require more galleys, so Mongoose will probably be good to go by next week at the latest. Printing and distribution still take time, so you pribably won't see the books on shelves for a while, but we're in good shape.

Again, release dates are our next priority. Watch the site's front page for details as we have them. Please stand by...