Mission Complete: The Living Spycraft Finale

For five years, players have kept the world safe from diabolical criminal masterminds, deranged enemy agencies, and upstart military madmen with their fingers poised on the nuclear button. The Living Spycraft campaign has offered gamers worldwide a unique chance to slip into a dashing tuxedo and raise a martini in toast to their unseen flags. But sooner or later, every spy goes into the cold, and every great adventure comes to an end.

The Living Spycraft shared campaign will retire from active duty at the end of 2007, but its founders will continue the fight. “Spycraft and Crafty Games aren’t going anywhere,” says company partner Patrick Kapera. “You may have noticed we brought on a new partner last week, and we have more ideas than we know what to do with – so many, in fact, that we’ve started hiring freelancers to help with the workload. Living Spycraft is near and dear to us, but we’ve ultimately got too many great things happening to do the campaign justice anymore.”

Crafty Games will continue to run events worldwide and volunteers interested in helping out should drop a line to pat@crafty-games.com. Players looking for new missions to run themselves should watch the Crafty Games website for a number of free adventure downloads in the coming weeks, as well as details about a new line of large-scale, season-length PDF releases to be sold through DriveThruRPG. Those interested in another Powered by Spycraft organized play option can look forward to Wyrmstone, an all-new fantasy campaign to be featured in Fantasy Craft, a forthcoming supplement from Crafty Games.

For more information about the Wyrmstone campaign, visit www.wyrmstone.org.