"We have 30 levels, too. We just ignore the first 10."

It's good to be back in the groove. By tradition, the week after GenCon's always chaotic, but this year's been especially interesting. We learned a lot this year about how to best run a show, what needs to happen to really take the company to the next level, and most importantly, some of the pitfalls to avoid in the future. The next few months promise to be some of the most challenging and yet rewarding of our professional careers, and a turning point for Crafty Games. But more on that later. Right now, let's chat a bit about the state of things today. First of all, you might want to trundle on over to to YouTube and check out this year's Full Disclosure seminar, taped and posted by our friend waterdhavian (thanks so much for that, man - it really elevated the show for us this year).

If you've never been to one of our seminars before, they're a bonanza of Spycraft goodness, covering every corner of the system and every product in development (and some that aren't). We usually kick things off with the latest and greatest from behind the curtain (keep reading for the latest announcement) and continues with an open Q&A about anything and everything you guys want to know. This time we covered some new ground with some of our upcoming toolkit settings - Ten Thousand Bullets, Shatterpunk, Farthest Star, and Crucible - as well as genres, decades, and other gaps in the collective people want to see (pulp - we heard you; can't say for sure that it's coming soon, but it's coming!). If you're at all interested in what we've got coming up, or what might be going on in our fever-addled brains, these seminars are the ticket.

So... What was our big announcement at GenCon? It turned out to be a year for fantasy because - that's right - we're finally producing one of the most requested Spycraft books ever...

Fantasy Craft!

Welcome to the next generation of fantasy gaming! All the balanced utility, all the mighty character options, every ounce of cool you've come to expect from the Spycraft system, for the first time joined with all the classic adventure of the world's biggest RPG genre! You might have seen the elf preview in Mongoose' e-zine, Signs & Portents, which regularly runs all-new Spycraft content. You might have purchased Spellbound Vol I: The Channeler. Both of these are only mild previews of the awesome love being flung at this book. (Fantasy Craft, BTW, will feature arcane and divine caster classes using the Spellbound mechanics, along with a generous, but not complete, sampling of that series' grimoire. For those of you wondering, the fantasy PDFs we're producing now will either not appear in Fantasy Craft or contain exclusive material not to be reprinted in the book, and vice-versa. Never fear! Every Crafty purchase will forever remain uniquely valuable.)

Oh, and the book's going to be gorgeous! Need some proof? Check out the pencils for the new cover by Ben McSweeney (don't worry - it'll be in color; it's being painted now)...

There's also some other reasons we'll get to later. Let's just say you should watch our front page in the next week for some really great news about the company. :)

In true Crafty style, Fantasy Craft won't just be another fantasy setting - it's a full fantasy toolkit! Not only do we include rules for pretty much any kind of fantasy you might want to run, we're going so far as to show them off with not one, not two, not even three, but several all-new settings! Each of these miniature worlds will contain all the rules and background information needed to dive right into the action. In a lean and mean, sword & sorcery mood? We got you covered. Want something wildly over the top? Got that too. Asian sorcery, classic medieval mayhem, far-flung swashbuckling, it's all in here. Enjoy!

With all the excitement about this new product, you might be wondering if we're abandoning any of our previously announced toolkits. Nothing could be further from the truth! Ten Thousand Bullets should actually arrive ahead of Fantasy Craft and it's looking like a stellar addition to the Spycraft family. Every event we've run in Empire City just drips with flavor. The Heist mega-event, the desperate flight in Alibi, and the explosive action of The Gauntlet really show the setting's range. Alex has done a great job capturing all the brooding drama and grisly bloodshed of the crime noir genre and folding it into a modern package, and I'm ecstatic that we're moving into the home stretch where Scott and I can help him shepherd the project into the closing gate.

Spycraft 2.0: Second Printing and World on Fire should see hard release dates soon. There's just one more step before we're there and after that the process for all our books should boil down considerably. It probably won't be smooth sailing - it never is - but at least we'll be out of the gale. :)

Like I said, it's an exciting time for us. Crafty's stronger than ever before. The message is strong and the army is growing by the day.

We march at dawn. Be ready.