Rumor Control: Second Printing and World on Fire

Late last night, we completed the latest round of revisions on both Second Printing and World on Fire. It was a good evening. :)

Both books have been transmitted to Mongoose and we've already started to see comments back. It looks like the initial notes are minor and should be something that we can overcome quickly. Now comes the big test: Will the next round of galleys be the last?

Our first galleys - of World on Fire alone - were gratifying. We got to hold the first three copies of Crafty Games' first print product in our hands. It was cool. It also showed us a bunch of things that had to change in order to produce the best possible product for all our loyal, patient players. That's what we've been up to for the last while. Taking what we've learned to date and trying to hit the highest marks we can with our inaugural offering. Now we're done and all we can do is make the minor changes requested so far and wait for the Great RPG Stork to bring our new babies home.

In the meantime, we wanted to give you some updates. So consider this Rumor Control! Here are the Facts...

  • You asked for it and we listened! Spycraft 2.0's Second Printing now contains all errata to date, including everything we released yesterday in v3. Never fear, though! There will only be two versions of the book. When the print product releases, we'll be sending everyone who purchased a PDF through DriveThru RPG or RPGNow a shiny new electronic copy!
  • Second Printing is now an even 500 pages and contains a brand new Initiative Tracker! Every fluid initiative modifier in one table! Now you can run combats faster and more efficiently than ever before!
  • World on Fire is now 164 pages and contains a copy of the Spycraft 2.0 character sheet!
  • Both books will be printed in hardbound black and white, though the PDFs will remain in color. This will become the standard for all future Crafty Games print releases. We're committed to bringing you the best possible products at the most reasonable prices and given all the options at our disposal - and believe us, we researched them all - this is the best choice for everyone. It lets us continue to retail books at fair market prices (in this case, SP for $39.95 and World on Fire at $34.95) and also lets us retain spiffy presentations like the Rulebook's original look and the unbelievably cool Ten Thousand Bullets interiors without breaking everyone's banks.
  • We don't yet know whether Mongoose will have books at GenCon Indy. As soon as we're sure one way or the other, we'll pass that info along. All three Crafty Games partners will be at the show regardless to run Spycraft events and answer your questions. We hope to see you all there!

As you might imagine, we're a bit backlogged at the moment. The next PDF release will almost certainly be Practice Makes Perfect, which is fully edited and awaiting layout. That may happen this week, but probably not. Scott and I are in San Diego for Comic-Con through the weekend and it's promising to be a madhouse for us personally and professionally.

If all goes well today, we'll get some previews of the new print format up on the World on Fire product page, possibly along with some previously unseen material. :)

That's the State of the Union at the moment. More soon.

Until then, Stay Crafty!