10kB Musings: Street Life - Cop Watch LA

I'm always on the lookout for inspiration for Ten Thousand Bullets, whether it's film, TV, literature, comics, or even (gasp!) real life. This video on Cop Watch LA was insightful into how, as William Gibson noted, The Street always finds its own way (check out both parts of the series for a little bit of insight into the intersection of police, real street culture, and what justice actually is  vs. what  we're told it is). The LAPD is notorious for its brutality and teflon legal reputation, but watching the video made me think that an organization like Cop Watch LA wouldn't survive 1 encounter with Empire City's hard-charging embattled police force, the Empire City Police Department.


One of the great things of developing your own world from the ground up that you can take things to their logical extremes, limited only by the rules of plausibility. In the case of Ten Thousand Bullets, Clayton Oliver and I have been able to build the ECPD - an organization with its roots as a Texas Rangers style sheriff group built to quell a population exploding as a product of the Gold Rush and Manifest Destiny, its education entirely in the merciless streets and alleys of Empire City's underbelly, and its heart in the credo, "justice at any cost." The ECPD is the LAPD freed from the rules of law and reality, able (if not necessarily endorsed) to take the fight back to the bad guys who run the city however they can. Like the LAPD, they've been rocked by scandals, tragedies, and disasters, but have always come back from the fire white-hot and tempered to an even sharper steel. Are they good guys? Bad guys? That's a question I won't answer - as with all good noir, it all depends on your point of view (and your GC). The only thing you can say is, as with everybody in the city, they ain't clean, and they're going to be fun to play with, no matter your stance :)