What is the Spycraft Roleplaying Game?

The Spycraft RPG (Roleplaying Game) is a ground-up retooling of the classic d20 fantasy rules, updated for all styles of modern day gaming. It contains original classes, skills, feats, combat options, rules of adapting to nearly any genre, a unique system for resolving dramatic conflicts, and more!

The Spycraft 2.0 Rulebook contains everything you need to get started, from designing characters to running single adventures or full-length campaigns, and a wide library of supplements are available in print and PDF, presenting new background and rules for running games of any style in any environment.

Want to run a classic espionage game? Look no further! Seeking an accurate military RPG? We’ve got you covered. Need a game system to use as the base for your own world setting or alternate modern genre? It's all right here!

Join the gaming revolution today!