How do I sign up to playtest Spycraft products?

We're glad you asked! We're always looking for talented folks to play our games and give us advance feedback. As a general rule, the most important traits any qualified playtester must possess include...

  • Be part of a group (minimum 4 players)
  • Be able to play at least twice a month exclusively with new materials we provide
  • Be accessible and able to respond  in a reasonable timeframe (checking in with us at least once a week)
  • Be able to identify mechanical balance issues and relay them quickly and concisely
  • Be able to separate your personal design preferences from those of the playtest team

If you feel you meet these minimum qualifications, please visit the website's Contact panel and drop us a line with the category set to "Playtesting Applications." Include your name and the names of each player in your group, your email address, any relevant playtesting experience, and anything else you think makes you a good candidate.

NOTE: All playtesters must sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), which will be provided to those who are accepted.