Unofficial Feats

Combat, Basic


Battlefield Dominance
     Your teammates must be grateful for your tactical genius
     Prerequisites: Tactics 6+ ranks, Tactical Advantage.
     Benefit: As a free action, you may spend and roll an Action Die, adding the result to the Initiative Count of you and each of your allies. You may do this a number of times per combat equal to the number of Basic Combat feats you possess, and may only do so when you possess a 2-to-1 or greater advantage.


Controlled Breathing
     Your relaxing technics equal those of experienced Yoga masters.
     Benefit: Instead of your Constition score, you may use your Wisdom score with a bonus equal to your Contitution modifier for purpose of determining the number of rounds your character may hold is breath before making Fortitude saves (see page 349). Further, you recieve a bonus equal to your Wisdom modifier when making a Fortitude save against gas attacks or smoke inhalation.


Killer Reflexes
     You react and strike with lightning velocity.
     Prerequisites: Combat Instinct, Lightning Reflexes, Dexterity 15+
     Benefit: When using your Combat Instincts feat, your opponent is Flat-footed and your unarmed and melee attacks' threat range increase by your Dexterity modifier (minimum 1). Further, you can use the Combat Instincts feat for unarmed or mellee attacks a number of time per rounds equal to your Dexterity modifier (minimum 1)


Moment of Truth
     Breathe slowly, think clearly because it's now or never.
     Prerequisites: Guts, Iron Will
     Benefit: Once per session you may take a Full Action to benefit from both Refresh and Regroup actions.


     Your health is amazing.
     Prerequisites: CON 15+, Great Fortitude and Toughness
     Benefit: Each Career Level you advance, you gain the maximum vitality points for your class.



Combat, Melee


     Prerequisites: BLAH.
     Benefit: BLAH.



Combat, Ranged


Firm Hand
     Firing heavy caliber weapons is your target's problem, not yours.
     Prerequisites: BAB+3 or higher
     Benefit: you may add your base attack bonus to your Strength for the purpose of determining the effects of recoil. Further, when holding with two hands a one-handed weapon you gain an additional +2 bonus to your Strength (for a total of +6) for the purpose of determining damages or the effects of recoil and your Initiative Count Decrease only by 1 for each attack made with the weapon.


Gangsta Style
     Maybe it's not effective but it sure looks cool.
     Prerequisites: Weapon Proficiency (Handgun), Impress 3+, intimidate 3+
     Benefit: When you hold a readied pistol, it may be fired in Burst mode with a +1 error range increase. Further, gear bonuses granted by the Ornamented weapon quality and by the Hot vehicle quality are doubled and applies also to your Intimidate checks. Finally, when you roll for a Bag Full of Guns (see p.281) the ressource Caliber is considered one level higher and you may choose the weapon caliber.



Combat, Unarmed


Emo Basics
     All your romances are chemical.
     Benefit: Diversion is a free action for you, and you do not become flat-footed if you fail the opposed skill check. Further, you gain the following stance and trick.
     Resolute Stance (Stance): While in this stance, all stress damage you suffer is halved (round down), but you may not leave your current square.
     Poser (Trick): You may make a Tire action, gaining a synergy bonus from your Cultures skill


Emo Moves
     You're all about Emo Violence.
     Prerequisites: BAB +3 or higher.
     Benefit: You gain the following tricks.
     Cling (Trick): With a successful unarmed attack, you may at once make a grapple check targetting your opponent as a free action.
     Lash Out (Trick): With a successful unarmed attack, you may force your opponent to make a Will save (DC 10 + the damage you inflicted). With failure, he must Fight Defensively on his next Initiative count.


Emo Supremacy
     You're post-post-hardcore.
     Prerequisites: BAB +12 or higher, Emo Basics, Emo Moves.
     Benefit: Your Intelligence increases by 1. Further, you gain the following tricks.
     All-Star Treatment (Trick): If an opponent within your reach becomes sprawled, you may target him with a Kick as a free action.
     Quip (Trick): Once per round as a free action, you may make a Taunt as a full action that targets every opponent within 30 feet.


Gangsta Basics
     Word, G.
     Benefit: You gain a +2 morale bonus to Resolve checks made in a Stand Off, and if you win the opposed Resolve skill check in a Stand Off, you inflict an additional 1d6 points of stress damage. Further, you gain the following stance and trick:
     B-Boy (Stance): While in this stance, you may make Impress/Performance checks freely, counting every successful unarmed attack you make as one minute spent performing. If you leave this stance before the Performance check's time requirement is filled, the skill check fails.

     Pimpslap (Trick): When you hit with an unarmed attack, you inflict an additional 2 points of stress damage.


Gangsta Moves
     Schoolin' marks is your favorite hobby.
     Prerequisites: BAB +3 or higher.
     Benefit: You gain the following tricks.
     Yo Mama (Trick): With a successful unarmed attack, you may make a Taunt as a free action, substituting your Streetwise skill for Manipulate.
     Buck 50 (Trick): Your unarmed attack gains the Bleed quality.
     Chill Pill (Trick): Once per teammate per scene, you may make an unarmed Standard Attack. With a hit, the target may at once reroll the last Will save he made.


Gangsta Supremacy
     Big Pimpin'.
     Prerequisites: BAB +12 or higher, Gangsta Basics, Gangsta Moves.
     Benefit: Your Charisma increases by 1. Further, you gain the following tricks.
     Cockblockin' (Grapple Trick): You may inflict 1 point of temporary Charisma damage upon one opponent currently held or pinned by you.
     Poplockin' (Trick): With a successful unarmed attack, you recover 1 point of stress damage.






A Penny Saved... a penny earned.
     Prerequisites: Frugal
     Benefit: Once per mission while at your home, you may take 2d6 hours manage your savings. Any money you add to your savings at the end of the mission is increased by 5% for every point of Prudence you have, up to 75%.


     You call yourself thrifty. Others call you cheap.
     Benefit: Your Prudence increases by 2 (maximum 10).


Fully Loaded
     You, and you alone, are responsible for the increase of lead's price on the international market
     Prerequisites: Extra Gear (Weapon)
     Benefit: Each time you request a weapon capable of burst or full-auto fire mode it comes with twice its standard ammunition. Further, you gain also 2 weapon upgrades they may only be used to purchase or convert ammunition of any kind.


R&D Support
     The guys at your local R&D department know that you always return your mission gear in perfect condition and they wish to thank you.
     Prerequisites: Career Agent, Clean and Polished
     Benefit: The number of action dice required to activate an error with one of your mission gear (chosen during the Intel Phase) increases by one. Further, during Intel Phase, you gain a number of upgrades equal to twice the mission's Caliber that you may use to improve your mission gear.


Tricked Out Armor
     The best defense is a good armor.
     Prerequisites: Extra Gear (Security)
     Benefit: Whenever you gain armour through a character option, it automatically comes with a number of upgrades equal to your starting Action Dice. Further, the DR of your armour increases by the number of Gear feats you possess.





Magnetic Personality
     With the slightiest little effort of your charm, you attract people around you.
     Prerequisites: CHA 15+
     Benefit: When you successfully improve the Disposition of any non-villain NPC by one grade through Origin, Skill Check, Feat or any other Character Option, the Disposition improves by an additional grade (maximum: 2 grades). Further, your CHA modifier is added to your Career Level in order to determine the starting Lead of a Seduction Conflict. Finally, your Error Range of any Blend check increases by your Charisma modifier.


Mark Your Calender
     You always remember to send cards on your contact’s birthdays.
     Prerequisite: Networking 9+, Extra Incentive.
     Benefit: Choose up to 3 different Acquaintance- or Associate-grade contacts you possess when you gain this feat. Your relationship with each of those contacts improves by 1 grade. Further, after making a successful Networking/Contact check but before the contact’s response time is determined, you may spend 1 action die to subtract 1 from each die rolled for the contact’s response time (minimum 1 hour per die). You may use this ability a number of times per mission equal to the number of Style feats you possess, though only once per check.


Profiling Basics
     Anybody can gain access to a Dossier but it takes skills to fully exploit it.
     Benefit: PR of Dossier that you request increases by +1. Further, when you are the Predator during a Brainwash, Interrogation, Seduction or Manhunt, the Threat Range of your Conflict skill targeting a character targeted by the Dossier increases by your WIS modifier.


Profiling Mastery
     You size up anybody at first glance.
     Prerequisites: Profiling Basics, Mark
     Benefit: While using the Mark feat, you don't need line of sight with your target as long as you possess a relevant Dossier. Further, you can spend one use of the Mark feat to automatically succeed at one Challange of the Complex Investigation/Research Task made to reveal a Cover Identity as a fraud (see p. 286). Finally, while using the Mark feat, you can name 5 skills (instead of 3).


Profiling Supremacy
     Your knowledge ot the human mind allow you to gain vivid insights of your target whereabout and next moves.
     Prerequisites: Profiling Mastery, Always Get Your Man
     Benefit: When you ar the Predator during a Manhunt, you can spend any number of Action Dice to reduce the starting Lead by the same number. Further, during a Manhunt, Action Dice cost to activate a Threat with your Investigation skill decreases by 1.





Skydiving Training
     You have been trained extensively in jumping out of perfectly serviceable aircraft in a variety of conditions.
     Prerequisites: Acrobatics 3+ ranks.
     Benefit: During a skydive, you gain a +2 insight bonus with Acrobatics checks and checks made to navigate and determine surprise. Further, when you plan an ambush at the end of a skydive, each of your opponents suffers a -2 penalty with checks made to determine surprise. Also, you may reduce the falling time of any skydive jump over one round by one round (to a minimum one round for falling time) and you gain 6 points of falling damage resistance. Finally, you gain a single aerobatic parachute at no cost as part of your mission gear during the Intel Phase of each mission.


Subterranean Training
     Being underground, while terrifying for others, is a just like home for you.
     Prerequisite: Survival 3+ ranks.
     Benefit: In subterranean terrain, you gain a +2 insight bonus with Survival checks and checks made to navigate or determine surprise. Further, when prone you gain a 10-ft. bonus step, rather than a 5-ft. one. Also, when you plan an ambush in subterranean terrain, each of your opponents suffers a -2 penalty with checks made to determine surprise. Finally, when subject to a cave-in or similar collapse, you temporarily gain the Evasion I ability for purposes of avoiding the resultant damage.