Welcome to the new Crafty-Games.com!

Welcome to the Crafty Games website 2.0! For those of you that are new, c'mon into your home for Spycraft; for those joining us from previous sites, we're glad to have you with us. This iteration of the site is the best yet, because every improvement we've made to the site is about YOU, the community that has made Spycraft and Crafty-Games.com such a great place to share our love of the game. Please explore the new site, including these cool new features:

  • Greatly improved forum software!: As the core of our community, the new Crafty Games forums have been vastly improved by the new upgrade, and now feature a tremendously better editor, greater stability, easier to use quoting, and overall greatly improved friendliness.
  • Longer site logins: Because you (and common sense) demanded it...the new site allows users to login for as long as they want (click here if you're having trouble setting it up).
  • Cleaner, more browser friendly design - Some simple analytics tells us over 40% of you use Firefox, and you'll be happy to know the new site is very Firefox-friendly. We've taken your valuable feedback and moveed to a brighter, more open design, with larger fonts and black-on-white text for an easier reading experience.
  • More user-friendly wiki system - The wiki has been a popular and tremendously useful resource for the community to share their creations, and the newest wiki has become even more easy to use with a much better text editor which supports pasting from MS Word and good tables, dynamically generated "tree" heirarchies for organizing your pages, and a superior print function. If you know only the basics of wikis, or are willing to learn, you can contribute!
  • Improved identity control - User profiles are now customizable, allowing you to set your displayed identity, choose custom forum titles in addition to the systemic ones, upload avatars, share contact info, and private message users quickly and easily.
  • Share your feedback!: Our customers' opinions are the lifeblood and pulse upon which we rely. Commenting is enabled nearly everywhere in the site, and we encourage you to share your thoughts on products, reviews and ideas as they come forward.
  • RSS feeds: Keep up on Crafty news and blogs with RSS syndication!
  • Complete product catalog - crafty-games.com will now be a definitive source of information on Spycraft products, thanks to our new product catalog. See products in development, get the latest releases, explore a line, or quickly find a specific product through one clean, easy to use interface. No longer will you get conflicting information on a product, now that everything is updated in a single place!
  • Webstore! - Though still early in development, our new site will feature a webstore which will allow you to see available PDF products and purchase directly from the site. These sales go directly to support Crafty Games as well :) In the future, we hope to open up the store to also include links to include CafePress Spycraft gear and other goodies.

 We think the new Crafty-Games.com is going to kick ass, but we appreciate your patience with the few upcoming changes as we refine and get your feedback. Come on over and share your feedback here or in the forums - we wouldn't be here without you. Thanks!