Call to Arms: Mist Dancer

From superstitious gossips to the stoutest city guardsmen, rumors spread of rogues emerging from the night fog blanketing the streets - invisible, untouchable wraiths prowling rooftops and alleys in search of treasure and glory. The truth, as it happens, is nearly as audacious - through an uncanny combination of illusion, stealth, and deception, the Mist Dancer excels at the larcenous arts. No shackle can hold him, no door can stop him, and no riches are beyond his reach. His methods are as elusive as they are effective, and for this he commands the highest rates in the land - rates his clients are all too happy to pay.
Depending on the campaign, the Mist Dancer could be...

• A street urchin, trained by a sorcerous rogue in the arts of spell-slinging and stealth
• A cutthroat assassin whose limitless guile exiles, or perhaps liberates him to the night
• A thieves' guild master exploiting stolen magic to evade traps and captivity
• A mysterious scholar documenting the passage of history under cover of darkness
• A devious sorcerer with a penchant of mischief that drives him to larceny... and the law to their wits' end

This expert class expansion also includes a new Spellcasting feat chain letting you steal your opponents' magic!

This file is layered so you can turn the cover and page frames off when printing.

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Call to Arms
Fantasy Craft
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