Call to Arms: Force of Nature

The power of nature is unquestioned: wild beasts stalk the dark woods, druids bend primal forces with devastating effect, and the forces of the world can even take physical form as elementals charged with restoring the Great Balance. The Force of Nature is a product of the most basic forces of life itself, a champion whose intimate connection with the physical world can be channeled to unleash primeval powers with devastating effect.
Depending on the campaign, a Force of Nature could be...

• A son of titans just beginning to discover the true power of his birthright
• A tribal champion elected by druids to avenge the wilds
• A cursed warrior fighting to contain an ancient hex on his bloodline
• An avatar destined to bring balance to the primal forces of the world
• A mystical swordsman harnessing an element as part of an unearthly fighting style
• A rampaging berserker whose rage embodies the pain of his land

This expert class expansion also includes a new Spellcasting feat chain, upgrading harnessing faith as a weapon of the gods!

This file is layered so you can turn the cover and page frames off when printing.

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7 pages
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Call to Arms
Fantasy Craft
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