Stratos One-Two Punch: New Tracks for the Fantasy Craft and Spycraft Soundtracks

Bailey Records has released two new tracks, one each for the forthcoming Fantasy Craft and Spycraft soundtracks...

Errigal of Dunlewey is the first release from Fantasy Craft – Roleplaying Soundtrack. This song was composed and produced by Stratos over a couple pints of Guinness and the sudden desire to release a Celtic-sounding song for St. Patrick’s Day 2010.

The title of the song comes from one of Stratos’ favorite locations in the world – Mt. Errigal in Co. Donegal, Ireland – which he climbed in the Fall of `96 while studying in N. Ireland.

Stratos did two versions of Errigal of Dunlewey. This version is more of a “period piece” that could be found in any tavern littering the Emerald Isle throughout history and features a fiddle, cello, acoustic guitar, bodhran and a few other percussion instruments. The other mix is more modern with electronic rhythms and drums. Both versions have been released today. This pub mix has been licensed for Fantasy Craft by Crafty Games. More fantasy music under this new license to come periodically by Stratos and Bailey Records.

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Into the Aether is the fourth release from Spycraft – The Soundtrack.  This song was composed and produced by Stratos and features Trevor Peters on guitar.  Spycraft – The Soundtrack is slated to release on Bailey Records in early 2011 in conjunction with the release of Spycraft Third Edition by Craft Games but all the songs on the album are generic enough to be compatible with any version of the game or similar settings.

Into the Aether is meant to be more of an atmospheric soundscape than an action or event song.  The guitars come in low and airy and exit in the same way.  The song picks up in the middle with some fun record scratches and vocal samples that lead into a driving rhythm section and momentary lead guitars; this is our heroes’ last efforts before his/her final mission wraps and they find themselves slipping into the ever after as their body crumples onto the cold slab of concrete below.
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