Powered By Licensing: FAQ

Version 1.0: Last Updated September 1, 2009


Fantasy Craft is an OGL product. Doesn’t the OGL already let me make Fantasy Craft products?
While it’s true that much of Fantasy Craft is available through the OGL, the intellectual property and trade dress is not. Also, note that Section 7 of the OGL states: “You agree not to indicate compatibility or co-adaptability with any Trademark or Registered Trademark in conjunction with a work containing Open Game Content except as expressly licensed in another, independent Agreement with the owner of such Trademark or Registered Trademark.” The Powered by Licenses are perfect examples of “independent Agreements” with us, allowing you to use the special “Powered by” logos and say your products are compatible with ours.


Do I have to submit individual products for approval?
No. Once a game line is approved, all products for that line may be created and released without oversight. 


What if I want to make just one product, or a series of single products that aren't part of game lines?
Products that aren't part of game lines are approved individualy. As with a game line, once we approve a single product's concept you may complete and release it without oversight.


Can I use the regular Fantasy Craft or Spycraft RPG logos? How about the Crafty Games logo?
No. Those are part of our brand and company identity, respectively.


Can I set my products in official Fantasy Craft worlds?
Not at this time but Crafty Games may eventually open certain worlds up for third-party development.


What about worlds in other companies’ licensed products?
We can’t speak for these worlds, as the IP belongs to the companies in question.


In Section 5: Usage Restrictions, what does "freely available" mean?
It means that you may not charge visitors. You may seek advertising revenue to help pay for your website hosting and related costs.


Does Crafty Games provide an SRD?
We do not. As we discourage wholesale reprinting from our books and PDFs (see next), it’s largely a moot point anyway.


Can I reprint your text?
We encourage third-party publishers to respect our copyrights - and each others' - and to bring original material to the table whenever possible. That said, this is a collaborative environment and reprinting the odd page or two is generally fine. If you're looking to reprint more than that, you should definitely contact us first, as wholesale replication is a great way to threaten to the viability of the core line, and grounds to bring your existing license(s) under review.


Can I license the Mastercraft System?
No. Mastercraft is a unique term and logo we use to indicate compatibility between game lines across very different genres and time periods. The Powered by licenses restrict products to the default genre and time period(s) presented in our corresponding core products (e.g. prehistoric through industrial fantasy for Fantasy Craft and modern espionage for Spycraft).


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