Mistborn Adventure Game Previews and Reviews


  • Primer: A brief overview of the novel setting and the core game rules on just two 6 x 9 pages, plus a prequel scene to the first adventure release, "Thieves of the Ninth House" and four sample characters so you can dive into the action right now (for a players-only version without the adventure, click here)
  • Consolidated Preview: All the Mistborn Adventure Game previews in one easy-to-download PDF
  • Conflicts: The full Conflict Rounds section, showing how Physical, Social, and Mental Conflicts unfold in play, and how dice are used and managed at the table. Conflicts are the very heart of the Mistborn Adventure Game, and used foreverything from combat to blackmailing someone to breaking their will.
  • Heroes of the Mistborn Trilogy: Vin and Sazed: Two fan favorites from Brandon Sanderson's original trilogy, complete with backgrounds, guidance, rules, and beautiful full-body art by series concept artist Ben McSweeney. Fair warning: Novel characters are presented at the most interesting points in their lives, and so these excerpts do contain trilogy spoilers.
  • The Metals: The introduction and an early excerpt from the Treatise Metallurgic, as well as the full chapter for Steel, one of the most iconic and useful metals in Scadrial
  • Sample Heroes: Eight complete Heroes for the Mistborn Adventure Game just as they appear in the book, with full backgrounds, story seeds to kick-start your campaign or spice up the Crew's adventures, and beautiful full-body art by Mistborn series concept artist Ben McSweeney
  • Standings: The full rules for using Standings, along with the full Influence section, covering how characters change the world through the power of their connections


Character sheets and online tools can be found in the Mistborn Adventure Game section of the Downloads page