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The Maxim
« on: December 25, 2007, 02:10:26 AM »
This is an expert class.
   The Maxim is a psychokinetic combat specialist, trained to extract maximum potential and utility from a single type of energy
Vitality: 1d12 + Con modifier.

   Attributes: Intelligence 13+.
   Proficiencies: Hurled (Forte). Unarmed.
   BAB: +3 or greater.
   Feats: Candidate.

Class Skills.
The Maxim's class skills are Acrobatics, Athletics, Bluff, Impress, Intimidate, Notice, Psionics, Resolve and Sense Motive.
   Powers: You may purchase foci for the Psionics skill that possess the Psychokinetic tag.
   Skill Points per Level: 4 + Int modifier.

Core Ability.
   The Long and the Short: Whenever you spend an action die to ready your key power as a free action, you may also roll that die and add the result to the power check

Class Features.
   Instant Assault: At Level 1, you may once per scene spend an action die to make a power check to activate your key power (see below) as a free action rather than a full action.
   Key Power: A Maxim seeks mastery over a particular focus. At Level 1, you must choose a single Psionics focus you possess capable of a ranged attack and name it as your key power. Whenever you make a power check using this focus, you gain an insight bonus to the check equal to your class level.
   Pulse: Starting at Level 2, you learn how to generate small bursts of energy without the need to expend vitality a number of times per session equal to your psion level. Each pulse deals an amount of damage equal to your Maxim class level of the energy type utilised by your key power, has a range increment of 10 ft, no threat range, and a base error range of 2; a critical failure results in you suffering an amount of subdual damage equal to the caliber of the current mission. Utilising your base attack bonus and your Intelligence modifier to make the attack check, a pulse is considered a standard half action attack and may be used with other character options granting additional attacks per round, subject to the maximum uses per session mentioned above.
   Bonus Feat: At Levels 3, 5, 7 and 9, you gain a bonus Psion, Ranged Combat or Unarmed Combat feat. Should the Psion feat specify a particular power, you must nominate your key power.
   Energy Shield: At Level 4, you become sufficiently inured to the energy you utilise that you can absorb and diminish it. You gain an amount of damage resistance against the energy type utilised by your key power equal to twice your class level; further, by spending an action die you may extend half that resistance to any team-mate within 30 feet who is within your line of sight.
   Energetic Touch: At Level 4, you may opt to utilise your pulse ability as an unarmed rather than ranged attack. The power's damage replaces your normal unarmed damage but is otherwise subject to any feat, character option or action that affects unarmed combat instead of being subject to character options affecting ranged attacks.
   At Level 8 when making a Power check, you may choose to activate your key power as an unarmed rather than ranged attack. The power's damage replaces your normal unarmed damage but is otherwise subject to any feat, character option or action that affects unarmed combat instead of being subject to character options affecting ranged attacks. However you are still limited to your normal number of attacks per round with your key power when using this ability.
   Energy Spray: At Level 6, you may spend an additional 6 vitality points when making a power check with your key power in order to allow each attack you make to either target three adjacent opponents with a single attack check, or attack a single target and increase the DC of their save to reduce the damage from the attack by +8.
   Pounding: At Level 7, attacks made with your key power gain the AP (X), BLD, KEN (X) & TKD qualities, where X is equal to twice your psion bonus for that attack. Where applicable, these qualities stack with any such qualities the attack normally possesses. Further, when determining the effects of a critical injury to an enemy, you may force them to roll on the Table of Ouch instead of taking the standard critical injury for your energy type.
   Energy Master: At Level 8, the threat range of attacks made with your key skill increases by 1 and you require one less action die than normal (minimum 0) to activate threats or critical injuries. Additionally, should any damage make it past your energy shield ability, you may convert an amount of it to subdual damage equal to your Charisma bonus. This also applies to those benefiting from the reduced damage resistance you offer.
   Persistent Power: At Level 10, your mastery is complete. By spending twice the normal base vitality cost when activating your key power, although you can still make only 1 standard psionic attack per round you enable your power to be used with any character option that grants final attacks, or allows non-standard use of the burst, cover fire, strafe and suppressive fire actions.

Level   BAB   Fort   Ref   Will   Def   Init   Wealth   Gear   Special
1   +1   +1   +1   +1   +1   +0   +2   -   Key Power. Instant Assault. The Long and the Short.
2   +2   +2   +2   +2   +1   +1   +3   1G   Pulse.
3   +3   +2   +2   +2   +2   +1   +3   1G   Bonus Feat.
4   +4   +2   +2   +2   +2   +2   +4   1G, 1R   Energy Shield. Energetic Touch (Pulse).
5   +5   +3   +3   +3   +3   +2   +4   1G, 1R   Bonus Feat.
6   +6   +3   +3   +3   +4   +2   +5   1G, 1R   Energy Spray.
7   +7   +4   +4   +4   +4   +3   +5   2G, 1R   Pounding. Bonus Feat.
8   +8   +4   +4   +4   +5   +3   +6   2G, 1R   Energy Master. Energetic Touch (Key Power).
9   +9   +4   +4   +4   +5   +4   +6   2G, 1R, 1T   Bonus Feat.
10   +10   +5   +5   +5   +6   +4   +7   2G, 1R, 1T   Persistent Power