Author Topic: Compounding to infinite charges?  (Read 2072 times)


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Re: Compounding to infinite charges?
« Reply #15 on: September 18, 2014, 04:28:17 AM »

Oops, right you are. Thank you. I'm not quite sure where the 10xRating came from now that I try to substantiate it...  :-[

So it seems, then, that the per-hour limit is apparently the "lowest of Rating and governing attribute minus 1" we all know and love. So it's even more nerfed and Compounders can store no faster at all (though without status penalties) than normal Feruchemists. (AoL Supplement, pg 179, bottom example).
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Re: Compounding to infinite charges?
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My comment was intended as a response to your "playing second fiddle" remark and this earlier statement:
Please understand that I'm not countering your points for the sake of being argumentative. My entire group and I are brand new to this system and we genuinely want to know what we're misunderstanding or overlooking here. We don't mind some variance in power level between PCs, but when we have two twinborn and one seems to be an order of magnitude more potent than the other, the other twinborn player is starting to feel like he was stupid for not building a compounder.
All I was trying to get at was the specialist design. A compounder is more powerful than other characters in their field of expertise, but that doesn't make another player stupid for having a different specialty, or a more generalist role.

The combat part was just a biased example based reading Kadrok and the steel win-factory back there.
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Re: Compounding to infinite charges?
« Reply #17 on: September 18, 2014, 04:14:37 PM »
@Kurk: It might have been my Lord Ruler example that confused things, because I have him at 10 rating everything, and have him buying 22 vials of Pewter so he can bypass the Physique cap on storing youth. So he was storing 10 per hour.

@pkitty: If it helps, as someone who's play(ed/ing) quite a few games, I was worried a while before the supplement came out that I'd "have" to play a compounder, but Crafty balanced it very well and I'm certainly not feeling that now. That's not to say that compounding is weak, but it's safely out of the "auto-pick" zone, which is fantastic.

A compounder also has things to worry about, like the possibility of their metalminds running out (necessitating the buying of more). A non compounder just installs their metalminds and lets them do their job without having to bother replacing them (though both have to replace vials).

If you're stuck in a wilderness without further access to metals, a Compounder might as well be a Ferring.

But that's just how I feel about it.

EDIT: Actually Kurk, I'm pretty sure you (correctly) pointed that rule out to me when we first got the supplement, and we had a big discussion about it. Kurk... are you an Archivist Ferring?! EVERYONE, KURK's A FERUCHEMIST!
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Interesting discussion, but I think rule of cool could reasonably trump mere science in a game about magic powers.   :P