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Metalworking and Metallurgy Stunts
« on: August 12, 2014, 11:22:26 PM »
Those of you who have bought the new supplement will be aware of the awesome Gunsmithing Stunts Alloy of Law makes available. Inspired by them during my most recent shower, I figured there must be some way to apply similar principles to Metallurgy (for vials) and Metalcrafting (for Metalminds). So here's what I came up with (feel free to steal any, all, or none of this Crafty). This post'll be a work in progress, as I'm actually pretty busy.

The problem with metallurgy is that any character with the resources can make a roll to get vials (thematically speaking by buying them), and that any character with the resources, a trait like 'Metallurgist' or 'Metallurgic Adept' and the prop 'Craftman's Tools (Metallurgy)' can make a resources roll which thematically is represented as them making the vials themselves (as one of my characters does). Did I say problem? Strictly speaking it's no problem at all, but it does mean a stunt that lets you create standard vials would be completely meaningless. So how about non-standard vials?

'Create Purified Misting Vial (Choose a Metal)': Your advanced studies of Metallurgy has unlocked the secrets of purifying and distilling vials of a specific metal, allowing you to create vials of a greater quality than normal. On successfully rolling to create a vial of the chosen metal, you may gain a Purified Misting Vial of the metal instead.

You may take this stunt multiple times, each time choosing one additional metal for which you can make purified vials. Additionally, the first time this stunt is taken it grants one additional prop which must be a Purified Misting Vial of a kind the character can make (this prop may be changed to a different Purified Vial at a long breather, as per the rules for props, provided the proper stunt for that vial has been purchased). If the metallurgist is unable to burn any metal for which they have relevant stunts, they may assign this prop to another crewmember who can (and change this choice at any long breather). If neither of these are possible, the character gains no benefit from the extra prop slot.

What is a Purified Misting Vial, I hear you ask? Exactly the same as an ordinary vial for that metal, with two key differences:
1 ) Due to the purer metals used in its compisition, a Pureified Vial contains 4 charges of the metal instead of 3
2 ) A character flaring a charge from a Purified Vial who possesses the 'Slow Burning' stunt for that metal may apply the stunt to their flaring. So, for example, take Steel's burn rate: 20 minutes per charge, or 2 minutes if flared. A Coinshot with 'Slow burning' stunt who is flaring Steel ordinarily wouldn't benefit from their stunt, however a the same Coinshot burning Purified Steel would be able to flare for 4 minutes! With 'Slowburning 2' they could flare the Purified Steel for 8 minutes!

Some additional rules:
1 ) In order to use Metallurgy stunts, a 'Craftsman's Tools (Metallurgy)' required.
2 ) Purified Vials may not be taken as props unless the crew includes a character with the proper Metallurgy stunt for the vial, and even then, the character may not take more than one purified vial as a prop.

Does all that make sense? Onto Stunt two!

'Purified Synthesis': Creating a Mistborn vial is a complex act of balancing and mixing a variety of metals. Though your studies into purified metals has complicated this further, you have risen to the challenge, and may now include purified metals in Mistborn Vials. On successfully rolling to create a Mistborn Vial, you may choose to make any or all of the metals purified, provided you have the appropriate 'Create Purified Misting Vial' stunt for that metal. The purified metals have an extra charge each, and benefit from the same flaring advantages that Purified Misting Vials convey.

Additionally, you may replace the prop granted by 'Create Purified Misting Vial' with a Mistborn Vial composed according to the limits outlined above. If this prop is assigned to another character, they may likewise instead assign a Mistborn Vial with purefied metals.

Makes sense to me! The prop might look something like this:

Purified Mistborn Vial - contains 2 purified charges each of Iron and Steel, and one charge each of every other basic metal

Thoughts? (I'll get onto Metalworking at a later date)
Interesting discussion, but I think rule of cool could reasonably trump mere science in a game about magic powers.   :P


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Re: Metalworking and Metallurgy Stunts
« Reply #1 on: August 13, 2014, 12:01:19 PM »
Great idea, Kadrok. In a classic Sacrial environment I suggest that the Create "Purified Misting Vial" should limited to the eight basic metals, plus gold, with special stunts for the creation of aluminum, duralumin, electrum and malatium vials. Learning these stunts would require knowing the secret of the metal's existence, and the lack of a "purified version" reflects their novelty given the time period.


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Re: Metalworking and Metallurgy Stunts
« Reply #2 on: August 13, 2014, 03:58:16 PM »
Excellent idea Kadrok, I like them a lot. One thing I wonder about though is whether the increased flare time is really even needed. Just by adding more charges to the vial you are also increasing the flare time (133% longer for a Misting vial and 200% for a Mistborn vial). Plus, I had always interpreted the "slow burning" stunts as being skilled enough to increase/decrease your burn levels as needed so as to not waste any effort and thus extend your burn time. Flaring your metal(s) kind of overrides the "slow-burning" aspect.

But still, like I said, these are great stunts, and the flare-burn-time in a pretty minor thing IMO. I will not be the least bit hurt or offended if you choose to disregard my opinion completely. ;) Can't wait to see some more stunts!