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Spycraft for Frenchies...
« on: June 19, 2007, 01:17:17 PM »
Hi ! First of all, excuse me for my poor English.  :P

I was wondering something about the OGL. I am a great fan of Spycraft since its creation and I especially enjoyed the 2.0 edition which was, to my opinion, an excellent conversion. I played Spycraft essentially while I was in US and the Netherlands, but I finally managed to convince a small group of french friends of mine to learn the rules. Huge problem : the whole game is in English and I haven't heard any translation scheduled any time soon. So I told them just to buy the book, while I prepare an "aide de jeu" for them.

This guide -still in development- is supposed to teach Spycraft to french D&D players without great notions of English. So I have to explain more or less the whole rules, simplifying from time to time when big similarities with D&D appear. But concerning the tables, the descriptions of class abilities, skills, feats, gear and so forth, I just leave it to the book so that anyone using this guide still needs the Spycraft 2.0 book to play. By now, I have summarized and translated chapters 0 to 4 in about 60 pages -no table, no picture... dreadful to read if you ask me, but my friends seem to like it- and I plan to enclose the whole book in no more than 150.

My question follows: Since I should finish this guide pretty soon -within a month I hope- and since I would like as much players as possible to join us for a french online Living Spycraft campaign, I would like to put this guide on our website to "attract" the D&D players and convert them to Spycraft. But as I disclose a lot of information -with the limits I explained before-, I would like to know if that's alright to propose it anyway. As I said, the core rulebook is still necessary to play, and that may incite all this players to buy the book.

Thank you for your answer(s) ;)

PS: If somebody wants to check the content of my guide, I can email a copy of my work so forth.