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[Frontiercraft] WIP thread
« on: November 08, 2012, 09:07:36 PM »
We had a power loss today and I lost my Radiation Hazards, the newer version of all the weapons, a base class that was 2/3 complete, and some other stuff.  Feel free to ignore this thread as I'm going to use it to store the half completed thoughts.  Feel free to comment if you wanna though.

Base Class: The Believer
In every place and time, there are those who are defined not by specific skills but by their convictions.  They bring an indomitable will and never ending source of encouragement to parties who they accompany.  Depending on your campaign,  a believer might be:
The Prophet of an unknown god willing to steal a starship to find enlightenment.
A mafia lieutenant who sees the family as the only bulwark protecting the world from criminal chaos.
The last member of a sect, waiting for the old masters to come back.
A researcher into the Sathar, ever vigilant for signs of infiltration.

Party Role: Backer/Talker.  You make others better through your presence and uses that same presence to deal with those the party encounters. Your go-to strategy is to say "yes" one more time than anyone else can say "no."

Favored Attributes.  Determination is the defining ability of the Believer.  High Guile and Grace are often useful in papering over the cracks your Determination leaves behind.  A certain type of believer benefits from a low Awareness to keep those pesky facts out of view.
Requirements: Alignment
Skills: Parley, Focus, Intimidate, Alignment skills, Blah, Such, Sundry
Skill Points: 4+Guile Modifier
Morale: 12+Determination Modifier
Proficiencies: 5

Core Ability: Indomitable: When you spend an action die on a Determination Skill, you roll and add two dice.

Further in Belief: At level 3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,and 19 you take a step along one of the paths of your alignment.
Saved!: At level 10, your Determination rises by 1 and you and all teammates who can see and hear you may set Will save results equal to your Determination.  At level 20, your Determination rises by 1 and you may use this ability with Fortitude Saves.
Unbelievable: At level 14, once per session you may declare you do not believe a specific single action taken by an enemy.  This action fails without further ill effect.  You may use this ability after the results have been determined but before they are applied. 

Organizational Alignments

Non-magic paths

Campaign Quality
Grapple,Grapple (Permanent)
Whenever you inflict the sprawled condition on a target within your reach, you may opt to instead inflict a grapple benefit or grapple trick you know.
The primary source of sprawled will be the Bullrush and Trip actions but any action resulting in a sprawl may be used as a trigger for grappling.

Grapple Benefits (anyone may use these)
Disarm: You disarm your opponent as if you had successfully performed the Disarm action.
Hamper: Your target is entangled for 1d6 rounds.
Handle Item: You execute one handle item action on the target.  You may conceal this action with a stash check.
Injure: You inflict the damage from one readied weapon on your opponent.
Pin: The target is held until the start of your next action.
Use Opponent's Weapon: You inflict the damage from one readied weapon held by your opponent on him.

Grapple Tricks (These must be purchased with proficiencies to be used)
Human Shield: You gain 1/2 cover until the start of your next action.  You may spend 1 Edge to cause an attack missing you to instead strike your target.
Screaming Club: The target is treated as a large improvised blunt weapon.  You may make a single melee or ranged attack applying a single trick.  Your grapple target always takes damage and is sprawled in the square of the attack's target.
Five Point Palm: Your target is paralyzed for 1d4 rounds.


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Re: [Frontiercraft] WIP thread
« Reply #1 on: November 15, 2012, 10:24:58 AM »
Five point palm is a death sentence - once its on, its never comming off. If you roll a 1, you just hit them with it again next round (and they're unable to resist, being paralyzed) If you roll more than one, any extra rounds are just free damage until you auto-paralyze them again.
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Re: [Frontiercraft] WIP thread
« Reply #2 on: November 15, 2012, 11:39:36 AM »
Yeah, I think it originally had a save.  I'll put one back on it, perhaps with the "Specials may spend an action die to ignore this effect" verbiage.  It should definitely be marked terminal.


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Re: [Frontiercraft] WIP thread
« Reply #3 on: November 20, 2012, 12:58:47 PM »
I'll put this here to keep from spamming the forum with threads.  These are some nonmagical paths that I came up with.  Eventually they are to be used in alignments for organizations.  I am fairly happy with (most) of the flavor, but the path steps are hard to weigh against each other, particularly when it feels like the over all path isn't weak.

Still, comments are very welcome!

Path of Charity
1.  You may spend action dice to boost the rolls of friendly NPC's.
2.  Each time you spend an action die on an NPC, you gain one edge.
3.  You gain a rank of heroic renown and all non hostile NPC's Dispositions rise by your heroic renown.
4.  You may spend 5 edge to gain one use of the sage's wise council ability.
5.  Non hostile NPCs aware of your identity will not attack you unless you or your party attack them first.

Path of Clarity
1. You gain a +5 morale bonus with Knowledge checks
2. You gain the Split Decision origin ability
3. You gain the Black Cat feat
4. You gain the Always Ready NPC ability
5. When making Investigate, Search, or Knowledge checks, you may roll twice and keep the result you prefer.
Path of Certainty
1. You gain a morale bonus with attack and skill checks equal to your path step.  This bonus lasts until you fail an attack or skill check or lose an opposed check.
2. The error range of Sense Motive checks targeting you increases by your path step.
3. You receive a bonus on Will saves equal to your Path step.
4. You gain the Great Fortitude feat.
5. You gain the Virtues of Command I Captain ability.

Path of Darkness
1. You gain darkvision I and receive a +5 bonus with Hide checks.
2. You may create a Visibility Hazard II as a full action up to twice each scene.
3. When you are hidden and not targeted by any Awareness or Perception checks, you may run as a half action provided you end your move in an area with lower than bright light.
4. When you are hidden and in an area with less than bright light, standard characters adjacent to you are in a Terminal Situation.
5. Once per scene, you may move from one shadowed square to another that you can see without moving through any of the squares in between.
Path of Greed
1. When the GM spends an action die to activate an error, confirm a threat, or uses narrative control, you gain one Edge.
2. Your Lifestyle rises by 4.
3. You gain the Contempt feat.
4. You may spend 5 edge to gain an action die.
5. Whenever anyone in your party spends an action die, you gain one edge.  You may use this ability five times per scene.

Path of Spin
1. You gain a morale bonus to Parley checks equal to your Path step.
2. The cost of Detention, Diversion, and Event favors drop by twice your Path step.
3. Damage you inflict with social attacks rises by your Path step.
4. The cost of Harassment, Invitation, and Rumor drop by twice your Path step.
5. You gain the bald face lie class ability, usable once per session.

Path of Exploration
1. You receive a +5 bonus with Forage and Awareness checks.
2. You gain the Pathfinder Basics feat in your choice of terrain.
3. You gain the benefits of your Pathfinder Basics feat in a second terrain.
4. You gain the Pathfinder Mastery feat.
5. You gain the Adventurer's Luck feat.

Path of Obfuscation
1. You gain a +5 morale bonus with Deception and Ambush checks.
2. You gain the Safe House Feat.
3. You gain the Cold Read class ability.
4. You gain the Traceless feat.
5. During a surprise round, you do not roll for damage, instead inflicting your maximum damage with each hit.

Path of Labor
1. You gain the Followers feat consisting of Laborers.
2. Your followers may assist in a single downtime project, generating credit or reputation towards a construction project.
3. You gain the More Followers feat.
4. The cost of Harassment, Support, and Safe Passage favors drops by twice your Path step.
5. Your Followers are accompanied by a Guild Boss, a special character with a TL equal to your level -4 (min 1).  He or she will lead your followers in any project you name.

Path of Conflict
1. You gain a morale bonus with Intimidate checks equal to your Path step.
2. You gain the Combat Instincts feat.
3. You may freely convert ranged damage into stress damage without penalty or halving damage.
4. When you spend an action die to increase damage, you receive half the rolled amount as a morale bonus on your next attack.
5. When you defeat a standard character, you may make a Threaten attack as a free action.

Path of Travel
1. Your speed increases by 5 ft and you receive a +5 morale bonus with Jump checks.
2. Safe Haven, Safe Passage, and Delivery favors drop in cost by twice your Path step.
3. You may disable locks in half the time and burst bonds for one less action die.
4. Once per scene, any bonds, locks, or drugs used to contain you simply fail, allowing you to escape.
5. Your speed increases by an additional 5ft and once per scene you may take a run action that ignores terrain and adjacency.  This run action consumes only a standard action.

Path of Banking
1. Your Prudence rises by 4 and your income from downtime checks doubles.
2. You may make a single purchase up to your Path step times 1000 credits without paying any money. Items acquired this way disappear at the end of the adventure.
3. You may acquire a single favor with a value up to your Path step times 3 without spending Reputation.  If not used by the end of the adventure, this favor disappears.
4. You gain a morale bonus with Negotiate and Income checks equal to your Path step.
5.  If you have not used the abilities from steps 2 or 3 this adventure, your Prudence is considered to be 110%.

Path of Gonzo
1. When you fail a saving throw, you may spend one standard action marveling at your survival.  You gain one action die and one Edge.
2. When you are a helper in a cooperative task and you fail, all other helpers gain a +4 morale bonus.
3. When you suffer damage in melee, you may spend one Edge to inflict lethal damage equal to your Path step on your attacker.
4. You gain a Desperation trick:
   Not-so-wise Counsel(Desperation Trick): When you are Desperate, you may spend action dice to support your teammates.
5. You gain DR 5 and Falling Resistance 10.

Path of Xenophobia
1. You gain the Stand Together origin ability.
2. When attacking a species other than your own, you gain a +2 morale bonus on attack and damage rolls.  This bonus doubles against Sathar.
3. The Dispositions of members of your species rises by 10.
4. Your morale bonus to attack and damage other species is now equal to your path step.
5. Pick one species not your own. You gain the Favored Foes origin ability targeting that species.

Path of Unification
1. You gain a morale bonus with Calm and Negotiation checks equal to your Path step.
2. Support and Pardon favors cost decrease by twice your Path step.
3. You gain the Coordinated Attack feat.
4. When you take an aim or anticipate action, up to two adjacent team mates receive the benefit as well.
5. When you use your Coordinated Attack feat, you give the recipient a +5 morale bonus on any attack roll required.

Path of the Sathar
1. The error range on Sense Motive checks targeting you increases by your Path step.  Also you may consider your species to be Sathar for purposes of feats, paths, and origin abilities.
2. You gain the Contempt feat. 
3. You may activate criticals for one action die less than usual.
4. You gain the Anonymity Basics feat.
5. When you are the prey, you gain a +5 morale bonus with Pursuit checks