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May 30, 2015, 01:33:15 PM
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Author Topic: [Alloy] Gunsmithing . . . why would I want this?  (Read 281 times)
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« on: October 05, 2014, 01:01:45 AM »

Hear me out.

We started our Alloy of Law game tonight, and the gunsmither had a chance to use his stunts . . . and feels rather ripped off.

Why? Because making a gun is exactly like buying a gun . . . only worse.

MAKING A GUN: Make a Resources roll against the difficulty on the equipment table. This takes a week. Nudges get you extra guns.
BUYING A GUN: Make a Resources roll against the difficulty on the equipment table. This takes a minute, after which it takes one day for your Resources to regen. Nudges get you extra guns.

The same applies to customization. You're rolling against the same base (Resources) and the same difficulty . . . it just takes longer.

Basically, the only value in each stunt seems to be (A) the free prop that you start with and (B) you don't have to justify finding someone to buy custom stuff from in-game. But this is at the cost of (C) you need to devote a prop to the gun workshop and (D) it takes a full week to create anything rather than the minute + day mentioned above.

Are we missing something? Is there an advantage beyond my (A) and (B) to these stunts? Because I think those are more than cancelled out by (C) and (D).
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« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2014, 01:58:12 AM »

You seem to be mostly right. The difficulties are the same, but like you said the times are increased and with relation to customization you dont have to find someone who can do it for you in game.

I know in my game that custom bullets and guns are unlikely to be found and have higher difficulties to purchase when I find that appropriate. Gunsmithing stunts also give several options for free nudges that can help you outfir youe party on shorter notice.

Rules mechanic wise you arent far off. As a Narrator though you can always tweak or adjust those rules to incentivise use of gunsmithing for your players.

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« Reply #2 on: October 05, 2014, 03:43:57 AM »

I've taken them several times just for the free propage, the only way (other than raising resources) to get prop slots. Having a pair of Sterrion 36's with Lurcher Lock, Magnum Force and Invarian Chambers takes 8 Props. With all the other stuff I tend to have going on, I need those four stunts just to cover the guns...

EDIT: The prospect of having my short breathers mean "free reload" for custom ammo (through me spending them making more) excites me.

I should say that if you feel the stunts are underpowered, the easiest solution would be to strictly control the existence of gun specialists in your world, such that accessing the NPC ones is difficult and requires a quest (and of course the NPC ones will be limited in what they can do). Beyond that, have a certain selection of modded guns available for sale, a list that leaves a lot of things out (such as the sample one provided). For bonus points you could randomly select what pre-modded guns are for sale on a town by town basis, and roll for what stunts the local gunsmith has (and therefore what kinds of mods he or she can make).

Definitely make it hard to get access to Ranette Smiley

If the stunts are underwhelming because you can just buy the stuff it makes, restrict the buying option.
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« Reply #3 on: October 09, 2014, 11:47:45 AM »

We don't want to nerf the ability to buy things just to justify the existence of some stunts. The gunsmith was a last-minute addition to our crew, and we really like the existing Resources rules to buy things; they make sense.

Plus, if the only way a company can sell their shiny new bicycle is by slashing the tires of the old bikes, maybe their shiny new bike isn't as snazzy as they think, neh? Smiley

So no, if anything's changing, it should be these new gunsmithing stunts.

In particular, the gunsmith is annoyed that the only real benefit is that he gets free gun props, because he didn't even plan on using a gun that often! He wanted to be the tinker, not the gunslinger. And while I suppose he could just "gift" his extra gun props to one of the gunmen, it still barely justifies the existence of these stunts (as shown above).

So we've decided to try the following house rule. These are now the gunsmithing stunts in our game. I'll let you all know how well they work out, but they definitely seem balanced, to our eyes.

Gunsmithing Stunts

Gunsmith: You can create and customize any gun, using the rules from pp. 139-141. This stunt includes one Gunsmith's Workshop (p. 129) as a free prop.

Ammo-Maker: You can create and customize any type of ammo (normal or Hazekiller), using the rules from pp. 139-141. This stunt includes one Ammo Press as a free prop; this is a heavy but portable kit that just barely fits into a backpack or saddlebag.

Note: Both of the stunts above allow any customization or creation, in theory. However, the GM is within right to require the acquisition of specific materials, and an aluminum modification always requires an aluminum ingot.

Industrious Craftsman: As per p. 139.

Specialist: You may specialize in one type of creation or customization. A gunsmith may specialize in Pistols, Shotguns (including arquebuses), Rifles, Rotary Guns (with GM permission), or any one specific gun customization. An ammo-maker may specialize in one type of ammo, such as "hollow-point" or "Coinshot." The difficulty (and minimum difficulty) to create or add your specialty is reduced by 1. In addition, the GM should assume that you generally have the required materials on hand to create it -- though aluminum designs still require an ingot!
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