Author Topic: Spellcasting Style Ideas?  (Read 1042 times)


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Spellcasting Style Ideas?
« on: October 16, 2012, 06:42:59 AM »
I'm trying to put together a feat with a layout similar to Elemental Heritage, where a character can pick what style of arcane casting their character performs (something I've encouraged just as fluff before), gaining related benefits in return. By Style here, I mean a theme or manner of casting- maybe you cast through dance moves, songs, or by writing elaborate geometric designs in the air. I want to be careful to not cross with sources of magic, and the line gets a little hazy, and for some reason, I'm having trouble coming up with ideas, though I know there should be plenty.

So, does anyone here have any favorite magical "styles" of this sort you'd be willing to share to help spur the creative process?


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Re: Spellcasting Style Ideas?
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2012, 04:27:08 PM »
As far as 'writing elaborate geometric designs in the air' I do have the following feat for my Al-Qadim campaign:

You are a master of numbers, a studious wizard whose power lies in logic and reason. By tracing the formula in the air in glowing script you force your magic into a rigid framework of numbers and symbols, allowing you to cast spells that are normally just beyond your reach.
Prerequisites: Study – Mathematics, Spellcasting 1+ ranks
Benefit: Your Mathematics Study always relates to your spellcasting skill checks and other magic related skill checks. Also you gain a trick.
X equals Power (Spellcasting Trick): When you are announcing a spell to cast you may double the Casting Time and that spell’s spell level is considered to be 1 lower than normal during this casting only. You may use this trick as many times per scene as you have Spellcasting feats.
Special: You may not have nor ever gain the Hidden Spells feat.

And as a adaptation of the astrologist kit:
Your study of the heavens with your orrery has revealed the secret threads of magic that connect the stars. You can use this knowledge to store some of your power there in the thread until needed.
Prerequisites: Study – Astrology, Spellcasting 1+ ranks
Benefit: Your Astrology Study always relates to your spellcasting skill checks and other magic related skill checks. Also you gain a trick.
Spell Hanging (Orrery Spellcasting Trick): At the start of each adventure you may ‘hang’ one spell you know per spellcasting feat on a visible star constellation using your orrery. Make your spellcasting checks and spend any spell points required when ‘hanging’ these spells. Then, during the adventure, once per turn, as a free action you may ‘unhang’ a ‘hung’ spell, using the previously generated spellcasting check but declaring targets, variable effect, etc. as if the spell was now being cast. Spell points spent ‘hanging’ a spell are not regained as normal until the spell is ‘unhung’, either through normal use of this trick or due to the adventure ending.