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November 24, 2014, 02:45:15 PM
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Author Topic: [Notebook] The Heist (cue 70s music)  (Read 30 times)
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« on: November 23, 2014, 08:25:37 PM »

Just mulling over heist scenes as a high speed, high stakes minigame Smiley.

Heist Clash!
  Heists can be played out as a clash between the robber(s) and security.
  A clash is a series of opposed skill checks. The winner of each check gains a success. The side that gains successes equal to its goal first wins.

  Goal: The robbers’ goal is equal to the number of layers of security surrounding the target (determined by the GM based on the importance of the target). Each goal scored by the robbers penetrates one layer or facet of the security around their target.
  Victory: If the robbers wins, they complete the theft without being immediately detected.

  Goal: Security’s base goal is 3, but this may be modified by the robbers’ actions (e.g. the robbers casing the target, see below). Each goal scored by security results in the robbers leaving a clue in the process of the attempt.
  Victory: If security wins, the heist is thwarted. Actually catching the robbers requires an additional clash (e.g. a failed heist may transition into a chase or investigation).

Simple Security
  The simplest form of a heist requires the GM to choose a number of layers of security for the target between 2 and 10, and choosing a total skill check bonus that security will be rolling against the robbers.

Detailed Security
  GMs can choose specific security types which influence the skills that can be used to overcome them. NPCs running security can use their skills to make clash checks, replacing the generic skill bonus.

  The GM may spend action dice to introduce complications, forcing the player to face a new layer of security or re-roll a success against one of the established layers (increasing the player’s goal by 1 in either case). The cost to introduce a complication is equal to the number of complications during the heist - 1 for the first, 2 for the second, 3 for the third and so on.

  The robbers may attempt to “case” the target by discretely observing the target for an amount of time based on the security (see table 1). Casing the target reveals the number of base number of layers (not including complications of course) and increases security’s goal by 1. Casing is often required to benefit from various robber character options.

Wipe Clean
  The Robbers may spend action dice to clean up after themselves, forcing security to re-roll a success. The cost to wipe away a clue is equal to the number of wipes during the heist so far - 1 for the first, 2 for the second, 3 for the third and so on.

Table 1: Simple Security
Layers  Examples                                        Time to Case
  2    Liquor store, temporary building                  5 minutes
  3    Warehouse, temporary office                      20 minutes
  4    Office building, wealthy residence, city museum   1 hour
  5    Small bank, secure transport                     2.5 hours
  6    Government facility, premier residence            6 hours
  7    Large bank, national museum                       1 day
  8    Secure facility                                   3 days
  9    Major bank, ruler’s residence                    10 days
 10    Federal reserve, top secret facility              1 month

Table 2: Challenges
Security            Likely skills
Badge check         Craft (forge), Prestidigitation (steal beforehand)
Common use area     Blend, Bluff
Guards              Sneak
Hidden catch        Search
Laser grid          Acrobatics
Manned checkpoint   Bluff, Disguise
Mechanical lock     Prestidigitation
Unscheduled patrol  Notice
Walls or Ducts      Athletics


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