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January 29, 2015, 09:22:09 AM
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Author Topic: [Expert] The Poltergeist  (Read 41 times)
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« on: January 25, 2015, 04:33:21 PM »

There were several inspirations for this class, the first and foremost being the Mist Dancer expert class. I wanted to try out something a little different than that, however, and with a bit of refluffing and new, more combat-oriented abilities, I think that I made something unique enough to consider this class as something more than a 'fix' or an 'alternate version'. Mechanically, this class took cues from both DW's Unbound class, and from Big_Jim's idea of Vitality Burn for Psionic Powers; both of those work fabulously well, and are surprisingly quite amazing when combined. This may just pave the way for more "self-contained casters" as expert or master classes, as well as different mechanics for alternate spellcasting. Please critique as needed, and I'd like to thank the LtI folks in advance!


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The veil between life and death is something that is usually a one-way ticket; everything goes in, nothing comes out. Ghosts and other necromantic beings still don't count, as they are still shackled to the afterlife and can only affect the realm of the living temporarily. The Poltergeist is an aberrant exception to this rule, being part-way into the hereafter and partially still in the material world. They can use their vital life-force to manifest mystical powers, and can pass in-and-out of reality with startling skill. Some call these beings half-ghosts, but that is a misnomer; the Poltergeist is something much greater than either of its halves.

Depending on your campaign, a Poltergeist could be...
•   A necromancer's apprentice that has learned to speak with the departed in order to learn their secrets.
•   A man who was scared half-to-death, and now walks the along border between worlds.
•   The loyal vassal of a ghostly queen, who has served them for centuries thanks to their unique bloodline.
•   A swift and serene monk who moves across the battlefield like the invisible wind.
•   A hunter of the dead who consumed ectoplasm to better face horrid beings passing into reality.
•   A haunted golem that literally embodies the phrase "Ghost in the Machine".

Party Role: Combatant/Specialist. You utilize a unique brand of magic that allows you to interact with both the spectral realm and the material world, phasing in-and-out of reality like a ghost in the wind.

Requirements: Sorcery campaign quality, Charisma 13+, Resolve 6+ ranks, Sneak 6+ ranks
Favored Attributes: Charisma, Constitution, Dexterity
Caster: Each level in this class increases your Casting Level by 1.
Class Skills: Blend, Bluff, Disguise, Intimidate, Notice, Prestidigitation, Resolve, Search, Sneak, Tactics
Skill Points: 6 + Int mod per Level
Vitality: 9 + Con mod per Level

BAB: Medium
Fort: Medium
Ref: Medium
Will: High
Def: High
Init: Low
Lifestyle: Low
Legend: Medium

Pierce The Veil: You gain the Blindsight NPC quality, and attacks you make against incorporeal targets gain AP equal to your Charisma modifier.

Ectokinesis: At Level 1, you learn all spells listed in the Ectokinesis Spells sidebar. Poltergeist spells are cast using your Resolve (Cha) instead of the Spellcasting (Int) skill, and when Resolve-casting these spells you are always considered to have a Mage's Pouch. When you Resolve-cast these spells, you don't use Spell Points; instead, you suffer an amount of Vitality Burn (see the Vitality Burn sidebar) equal to twice the spell's level (Level 0 spells cause 1 Vitality Burn per casting).  You may Resolve-cast any of these spells with a level equal to half your Class Level (rounded up).

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(click to show/hide)

Spectre I: At Level 2, you gain the Ghost Basics feat, and your maximum rank in Intimidate increases to your Class Level + 5.

Spectre II: At Level 7, you gain the Ghost Mastery feat, and your maximum rank in Intimidate increases to your Class Level + 7.

Bonus Feat: At Levels 3 and 7, you gain an additional Basic Combat or Covert feat.

Fog's Cloak: At Level 4 when in dim, faint, or no light, your threat range with Blend and Sneak checks increases by 2.

Spirit Fist: At Level 4, you may convert your unarmed attack damage to force damage without penalty.

Forceful Personality: At Levels 5 and 9, the lower of your Charisma or Constitution scores rises by 1.

Signs & Portents I: You can contact the spirits of the dead for guidance. At Level 6, as a 1-minute action, you may request a hint from the GM. If he refuses, you gain 1 bonus action die. You may use this ability a number of times per adventure equal to your starting action dice.

Heavenly Fist: At Level 8, you may convert your unarmed attack damage to divine damage without penalty.

Phantom Limbs: You reflexively slip out of reality in order to evade certain attacks. At Level 8, choose two proficiency groups (the proficiency groups are Unarmed, Blunt, Edged, Hurled, Bows, Black Powder, and Siege Weapons). You gain Damage Defiance for those proficiency groups.

One Foot in the Grave: The barrier between life and death is extremely thin for you, and has become a boon you can utilize for a short while. At Level 10, you may burn 1 Wound in the same manner as burning Vitality (including regaining burned Wounds at the start of each scene, but not healing them unless attended to) and spend a full action in order to become incorporeal. You burn 1 Wound at the start of each round that you are incorporeal, and may spend a full action to become corporeal again. You instantly become corporeal if you fall unconscious or die.
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« Reply #1 on: Today at 07:53:41 AM »

Why not just use spell points as an expenditure mechanism to trigger an auto cast?
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