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September 23, 2014, 05:29:03 AM
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Author Topic: New Feat Chain: Totem B/M/S  (Read 249 times)
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« on: August 06, 2014, 06:42:54 PM »

AKA: Mutt tried and failed to make Binding mechanics.

This idea came out of a desire to convert Binding mechanics (seen in TOG's Binder, and TO-OG's 3rd Party class the Occultist) into Fantasy Craft. By the halfway point, though, I realized that I had created something entirely different, and something that I think is interesting on it's own.
The inspiration for the mechanical aspects of it comes from the Rage feat chain, as well as some Spellcasting feats. Please rate and critique to your heart's content!

TOTEM BASICS [Spellcasting]
You have opened your mind and soul to beings from beyond reality, allowing them to influence the world so long as you keep in control.
 Benefit: Choose one of the Totem stances from the list below. You may enter this stance a number of times per scene equal to your starting action dice. When you enter this stance you recover vitality equal to the number of Spellcasting feats you have. When you leave this stance you become fatigued; however, becoming sprawled does not force you out of this stance..
  Angelic: The lower of your Charisma and Wisdom rises by 1, and you gain a winged flight speed equal to half your ground speed (or 10 feet if you are usually immobile, or +10 to your winged flight speed if you already have it).
  Demonic: The lower of your Strength and Dexterity rises by 1, and you gain a Claw II attack with the Armor Piercing 2 and Bleed upgrades.
  Draconic: The lower of your Intelligence and Strength rises by 1, and you gain a breath weapon; this attack deals 2d4 damage of your choice in Acid, Cold, Electrical, Fire, or Sonic damage in a 15-foot cone. The choice is made when you first take this feat, and may not be changed later.
  Elemental: The lower of your Constitution and Intelligence rises by 1, and you gain Damage Defiance (see Fantasy Craft, page 233) against your choice of Subdual, Heat, Fire, Cold, or Electric damage. The choice is made when you first take this feat, and may  not be changed later.
  Faerie: The lower of your Dexterity and Charisma rises by 1, your Appearance raises by 1, and you gain the Regeneration I NPC ability, but only while in terrains that would classify as Caverns, Mountains, Forests, Jungles, Plains, and Swamps (as Pathfinder Basics, see FC page 109).
  Farspawn: The lower of your Wisdom and Constitution rises by 1, and you gain a Tentacle Slap II attack with the Grab upgrade.
Special: You may take this feat multiple times, choosing a different Totem each time. Each feat has a separate name (Totem Basics (Draconic), Totem Basics (Faerie), etc.).

TOTEM MASTERY [Spellcasting]
Your skill at commanding your eldritch bargain has improved, impressing even the beings you seek to imitate.
Prerequisite: Totem Basics
Benefit: You gain the ability to use a spell a number of times per scene equal to your starting action dice, with a caster level equal to your career level (this spell may be used at any time, even when not in your Totem Stance). You also gain an NPC quality while in your Totem Stance.
  Angelic: Cure Wounds II, Flash Resistance 20.
  Demonic: Brawn I, Menacing Threat.
  Draconic: Living Library I, Fearsome.
  Elemental: Resist Energy, Chameleon (choose 1 terrain that fits with your chosen element).
  Faerie: Charm Person II, Beguiling.
  Farspawn: Insanity I, Unnerving.

TOTEM SUPREMACY [Spellcasting]
With your skill, you practically become a completely different being while using your totem.
 Prerequisite: Totem Mastery
 Benefit: You gain a permanent +1 to one ability score that your totem provides a boost to. If you take a half action to change stance or return to normal stance, you don't become fatigued. Also, whenever you enter your Totem Stance you may choose to enter all of them that you have the Totem Basics feat for at once; doing this still counts as being in only a single stance. Finally, you gain a trick, but only have access to it if you are in your Totem Stance.
  Angelic: Lights of Heaven (Threaten Trick): If the target fails their save against Stress damage, they also become blinded for 1d6 rounds.
  Demonic: Let's Make a Deal (Persuade or Coerce Trick): The modifier for the apparent incentive goes up by one step (up to Incredible), OR the apparent risk goes down by one step (down to None), your choice when you make the check.
  Draconic: Wyrm's Wings (Jump Trick): You clear a number of feet equal to your check result + 10 and a maximum of your height x 8 with a running horizontal jump, a maximum of your height x 4 with a standing jump, and a distance of 1/4 of a running horizontal jump with a maximum of your height x 2 with a standing jump.
  Elemental: Discharge (Push Limits Trick): You also deal damage equal to your Constitution modifier (minimum 1) to all adjacent characters. The damage type is the same as that of your Damage Defiance granted by Totem Basics.
  Faerie: Shifty (Mask Trick): You are always considered to have an actor's kit, and you ignore size and species penalties to the check. Also, the time it takes to prepare a disguise is reduced by 1d6 minutes.
  Farspawn: Sight Beyond Sight (Anticipate Trick): You gain a +2 bonus to defense on a success, and a +1 bonus on a failure as long as it is not an error.
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« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2014, 07:37:58 PM »

First impression: cool! Would love to have them to play with.

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« Reply #2 on: August 06, 2014, 11:43:35 PM »

My first thought is that I love the idea. Some options could stand to be more powerful, considering you're just a sprawl away from losing access to your totem. Also, I think you should strike the language about needing to take Totem Mastery multiple times. Having it work like the Pathfinder Feats (Basics multiple times, Mastery and Supremacy boost all of them) sounds like a fair solution to me. But other than that, nicely done - I especially love stuff like Let's Make A Deal. (Small suggestion: Maybe instead of leveraging persuade/coerce checks, get more literal and have it augment Haggle? I don't remember a lot of character options interacting with Haggle, but then again, maybe it just comes up too rarely.)
Jr. Agent
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« Reply #3 on: August 07, 2014, 08:07:29 AM »

I like them and they have some good flavor to them.

Maybe as way to buff some of the abilities a bit, count them as having mage's pouch while in that stance? Just spit balling here.
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« Reply #4 on: August 07, 2014, 01:01:21 PM »

I agree with Gatac -- pretty neat stuff, but there are definitely some options that could use a boost.

In particular:
The Faerie stance is really weak compared to the others. Every other stance gives a pretty potent and useful option -- Angelic gives flight, Draconic gives a breath weapon, Elemental gives damage defiance, and Demonic and Farspawn both give potent natural attacks. By comparison, the Faerie's +1 Appearance is pretty minor, and the protection from Animals pretty circumstantial.

At the Mastery level, the flash resistance for Angelic is distinctly weak compared to the qualities granted by the other options (and the spell isn't anything super outlandish to justify such an imbalance), and Demonic similarly has a pretty weak spell.

At Supremacy, Angelic's trick -- though pretty cool in concept -- is not going to do much good given how low the damage from Threaten is. Even with Glint of Madness, you're looking at a maximum DC of 10 for the opponent to be blinded. Maybe make it so that they additionally become blinded if they fail their save against the stress damage?
Draconic's trick, though interesting, is really underwhelming for a Supremacy feat benefit. Frankly, it would be pretty underwhelming for a Basics feat, and that even if it didn't require you to be in a specific stance. I'd recommend coming up with something else entirely.
Faerie's trick is really worse in most respects than the "ignore Species and Size penalties" benefit oni get. I'd recommend just granting that ability, and maybe also letting you be considered to have the required kit and reducing the time needed, seeing as it is something that you need a Supremacy feat and to be in a certain stance for.
Jr. Agent
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« Reply #5 on: August 07, 2014, 01:47:58 PM »

Alright, thank you for the feedback! I've already made the changes suggested, as well as added an additional bonus for Supremacy: You enter ALL the stances that you have access to as a single stance, rather than as an individual for each version. This doesn't mean you have access to all of them, only that the ones you DO have access to are all at the same time (so a Draconic/Faerie/Angelic stance user would enter them all at once as a single stance; to gain access to the other three, he needs to take Totem Basics for them).

EDIT: Also changed the Angelic, Draconic, and Faerie tricks, as well as the Faerie stance and the Demonic spell.
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« Reply #6 on: September 21, 2014, 08:19:26 PM »

I am going to bump this for any more feedback, if that is alright.
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« Reply #7 on: September 21, 2014, 08:38:20 PM »

  Assorted thoughts:
  Drop the underlining and use italics.

  You probably want to add that becoming sprawled does not cause you to leave these stances.
  Even as stances (eating the 'stance slot', most of the packages in Basics seem a little above the line. One way to reign them in might be to have it boost the lower of a pair od two attributes rather than the current fixed +1.
  I'm a bit leery on the winged flight on a first tier feat.
  Multiple totem basics feats bug me a little. Let me think on it.

  Given the considerable power again in the Mastery, I would remove the Special. One feat, one bonus.
  The many-basics, one mastery definitely has me nervous. One reason that structure doesn't blow the Pathfinder feat chain to bits is because you're only ever in 1 terrain type at a time...

  Farspawn - you could just say "you gain an additional +2 defense" rather than putting the user through the math Smiley.


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« Reply #8 on: September 22, 2014, 10:04:40 PM »

Why do they need to be italicized, if I may ask?
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