Author Topic: Life, the World, and Everything in 2016 (general world news & social issues)  (Read 23318 times)


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Navy spends 50 hours covering 5500 square miles of the Philippine Sea looking for a sailor reported mission and presumed overboard.  Sailor was then found.. alive and aboard the very ship he way reported missing from.  Seems they found him "hiding" in one of the engine rooms.  He has been transferred to the USS Ronald Reagan for a "medical evaluation".

Who wants to bet that he just got sailor-level drunk, and accidentally locked himself in the engine room?

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So it seems that Photobucket have just broken a significant aspect of the internet: they've just suddenly decided that their free accounts can no longer be linked to by third party websites


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Yeah, everyone in the forum RPG community has been tangling with it and usually resolving it. Best way is to download the picture, save it and then upload it to your own account. A little more hassle but an easy enough fix if you know what you lost.

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