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Re: Truly Massive, again
« Reply #15 on: September 23, 2012, 03:33:49 PM »
@ Mr A:  Totally.  Those racial classes in 3E D&D were pretty cool, and something I've considered trying to port to FC for a little while (the only thing that stopped me is OotS: CF and LoO having Racial Masterclasses seemed to heavily suggest that such an option doesn't work in the system).

I really like the idea of it being 4 levels so you can pick up it and go straight into an expert though.  That's nice.  Especially since the typical 5th level would just be a C2, which is likely not super inspiring as a capstone ability, unlike a D (being the only iteration of it's type).  Well thought out.


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Re: Truly Massive, again
« Reply #16 on: September 23, 2012, 07:07:42 PM »
I also don't really see it as a very good gamebreaker ability, at least when coming at it when you're already a drake. It's better if you're a non-drake though. If we go by the species creation guidelines, a drake shifting to a folk form has a net loss of species points while a folk shifting into a drake does have a net gain (beast (weapons use) -2pts vs. reach 2 1pt and flight 2~2.5pts ). If reviled was changed for both, then it'd at least be close enough to an equal change for both, but still not really worthy of a gamebreaker. It'd be better if the non-drake can become a drake and the drake could Hulk out; like a gamebreaker rage.

And as for the drake shifting into a folk form to use weapons... unless you're going to start at level 14 or higher, you're going to be hurting either as a drake taking all these weapon abilities you can't use, or not be as powerful in a folk form. Unless you're a caster or something else with a less weapons focus, I suppose, but that's even less of an issue than the previous non-issue. And with the feat version you really don't want to be caught in a fight as a folk, unless you do prepare a bit more.

DL, for all of the neat-o keen it contains, has a couple flaws.  The first it inherits from Draconic Legacy's "meh" benefits for drakes.  That stat-boost is nice, but the AD spend is extremely lack luster for a drake esp given they already have a breathweapon.  1 AD = 20 more move on flight?  That's, by far, a bad deal in comparison to what folk get out of it with auto firebreath and AD spend for 60 sp flight.

Aside from the ability to go into folk places I'm not awesomed-out by that lvl 5 DL power.  Folk -> drake = Neat! Drake -> folk = shrug.  It'd be a bit better if you still calculated everything like you were large size for Str and such.  All the awesome, just packed in to a smaller size.

Access to weapons is a complete non-started for my drake... he's a master of tooth-n-claw.  A sword is going to be a liability to him.  Armor is much the same, with only the first armor basics from Soldier to prop it up.  The only thing he'd be excited for would be access to proper kitchen facilities without having to hang his big ol'dragon-butt out the back door of the local Inn.  Otherwise he'll most likely feel more like being shackled in a frail shell.  Heh, can't wait until the first time he forgets that you can't fly as folk.   ;D

I'm much the same in that I like the challenge of playing the Big Guy.  Otherwise I would have made the same char using Saurian instead and gotten much more bang for the buck, been a better 'dragon' in many columns than the drake, and could use anything.

I'm not sure what to fit into this one here.  I like the shape-changing quite a lot, but it seems a bit lacking in oomf from the drake side.  Subbing a feat in just feels anticlimactic for a Master class but adding something in addition to the shapechange risks tipping the applecart.

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Re: Truly Massive, again
« Reply #17 on: September 23, 2012, 08:12:21 PM »
EDIT: whoops, forgot what thread this was.  Ignore me.
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