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Re: Master class design question
« Reply #15 on: October 14, 2012, 04:02:29 AM »
Thanks!  And purely from a design standpoint, why was a point system instituted?  Were there d20 prestige classes with requirements that were really out of whack?  Just wondering.

When it was put into place it was actually to ensure that the demands weren't too high such that they'd prevent a character from entering it on time from 'prefered' paths. 1st and 2nd ed both had a LOT of level based prerequisites on feats (one of th emain things the expert classes would do was grant parts of a feat chain a lower levels than you could pick them up with general slots) and it was sometimes helpful to get the first tier feat of the chain into the requirements rather than have it granted by the class. At the other side of the boundry, having them all require 5 also set a simple ground rule for establishing the theme/flavor of the class. If a class had a new use for Bluff, you could ensure the player had actually taken some ranks in Bluff. Even if the class didn't have a 'hard' (class crashes without it) or 'soft' (you just crippled yourself by not having that)  requirement for a feat or skill ranks, including them in the list could help the reader understand what the class was all about.
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