Author Topic: Groups of extras and Koloss strength  (Read 1271 times)


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Groups of extras and Koloss strength
« on: March 06, 2013, 08:26:17 PM »
I'm about to start Narrating a campaign and I just wanted to make sure I understood a few things correctly:

1. Groups of extras acting together: Each one rolls their action separately and then you pick the best result, correct? For example, 3 Hazekiller extras gang up to attack Mistborn Misty. So you make 3 quick rolls for the Hazekillers, getting a result of 1 with 0 nudges, a 3 with 2 nudges, and a 4 with 1 nudge. Misty would the have to defend against the 4 with 1 nudge and the other two rolls are ignored, correct?

2. When attacking groups of extras wearing armor, does the armor only subtract the damage once for the group or once per extra? Mistborn Misty survives and lays into the Hazekillers with her knives. They roll and Misty hits with a whopping 5 and 3 nudges, which she converts entirely to damage for 5 damage total (1 +1 for the knives +3 for the nudges)Which of the following is correct?

Scenario A. The Hazekillers' leather armor absorbs the first damage and then the remaining 4 damage is divided amongst the Hazekillers to kill them all.

Scenario B. The first Hazekiller's armor absorbs 1 damage, then 1 is used to kill him. The second Hazekiller's armor absorbs the next damage, and then 1 is used to kill him. Then the third Hazekiller's armor absorbs the last damage and he lives to fight on.

I kinda think the second one but I'm not sure.

3. For the Koloss it says their spikes give them +5D to all strength related physique rolls- this includes attacking and/or defending, correct? So a young Koloss would get (3+5) 8 action dice when attacking, meaning that if he hits you you're going to be in a world of hurt, especially with that +4 damage Koloss blade. Let alone a Mature or Elder Koloss...  :o


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Re: Groups of extras and Koloss strength
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2013, 09:13:19 AM »
1. It looks like you're using the rules for Contests with Multiple Participants on pg. 159, correct? Those rules (and the accompanying example) suggest two routes: each of the Hazekillers rolls separately and the best roll is taken or only one Hazekiller rolls, but gets a circumstance die (representing the help from the other two). As Narrator, I'd decide beforehand how much of a challenge this encounter is supposed to be. If it's supposed to be really difficult, I'd take the best roll. If I'm looking more for a quick cinematic butt-kicking from the Mistborn (such as when implementing the Epic Conflicts rule on pg. 191), I'd just use the circumstance advantage.

2. Similarly, if I'm using the Epic Conflicts rule, the Hazekiller's leather armor isn't going to matter; each point of damage will be dropping another of the Hazekillers. If I'm not, your Scenario B makes sense.

3. It will depend on how the Koloss is attacking or what it is defending against, but yes, they do get a considerable bonus. Koloss are extremely scary up close (like in the novels); make sure to keep some distance and use the terrain to your advantage. Running away is a perfectly acceptable strategy when facing Koloss.