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Re: Simulationist experiment - FC
« Reply #60 on: August 26, 2012, 09:35:38 PM »
I posted that while on a quick break at work.  I'd have sworn it made more sense at the time.  Here goes the second try:

To me Simulationist game play
  • does NOT try to emulate reality (as that would be difficult to impossible for most systems)
  • focuses on creating an internally consistent world
  • focuses on allowing a more immersive experience for the PLAYER
  • allows the CHARACTER acts according to his beliefs and expectations (which the PLAYER has thought through and/or experiences)
  • pushes narrative concerns to the background - but that doesn't mean they aren't present

Hopefully that explains what I mean by Simulationist.

That's actually coming across as far more of a narrativist manifesto.

Being a simulationist means your primary goal is trying to capture and recreate a specific thing or vibe or reality I guess.

Doesn't sound at all Narrativist to me. If you add 'emulation of reality or specific genre' to 'focuses on creating and internally consistent world' then he is bang on for simulationist.
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