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[Actual Play] Corpses in the Canals
« on: June 09, 2012, 12:27:42 AM »
So after recently finishing our Cthulhu themed WoD game, my group and I have decided to tackle Mistborn (with a bit of a Game of Thrones flavor)! After some discussion, we decided on the idea of us playing a mixed skaa and noble crew that uses a contracted Kandra to take over a noble house, thus using it as a tool to forward their goals (a la Lord Renoux).

The campaign is set around the events of the first novel, with our crew taking over the minor House Halberg. House Halberg is a minor house in the northeast with a hand in the canal trade. Not only do they have their keep on top of a major canal, but they also own a sizable fleet of shipping vessels.

The Crew

Delmark Halberg
Delmark Halberg always had a promising life ahead of him. Nephew to the Lord Milen Halberg, good looking, inspiring, and skilled with a dueling cane, Delmark was interested in training as a Hazekiller from an early age. He excelled in his training and became the youngest noble to ever join the Black Flames, a famous Hazekiller company.

Things began to go wrong when the Black Flames brought on a new sergeant. Delmark and the sergeant clashed frequently, and Delmark's quarrels were justified when the sergeant betrayed the Black Flames to House Venture, who massacred them. Delmark barely managed to survive, dragging himself to a nearby slum to die in peace. Zole found him and patched him up, giving him a new view on the skaa and their abilities.

When he discovered that he had been blamed for the massacre of his company, and that his uncle was plotting to get rid of him, Delmark had to act. He began plotted with Zole to take control of House Halberg and steer it towards a more promising future.

Zolacaster (Zole)
Zole was so close to making it big. Or at least as close as a skaa could get to making it big. Zole has been running with thieving crews for years, honing his skills as a thief and a tineye. Eventually he got so good that he could steal from right under a nobleman's nose and he wouldn't even notice. He got so good that he discovered he didn't even need to steal any more. He knew the best ways to move goods in and out of Luthadel, and what to sell to make the highest profit. So Zole went legit, becoming a respectable merchant in the skaa middle class.

It didn't last long. House Hasting destroyed everything on a whim, taking his goods, destroying his shop, and leaving him penniless. However, an opportunity dropped right in his lap in the form of Delmark Halberg. Delmark needed him, and Zole saw the perfect chance to change things. This time, he'll be the one leaving them penniless.

SenKael is a paragon of the Kandra ideal. Masterful in his mimicry and professional in his dealings, SenKael has always been admired by his elder generations. For a while he was even the personal Kandra of House Hasting, until he screwed it up by letting the knowledge of an assassination slip through his fingers. Naturally, Lord Hasting was not happy that SenKael had inadvertently allowed the death of his heir.

Once that contract finally ran out, SenKael focused on never making another mistake. Tense and obsessive about his appearance, SenKael is the Kandra that Delmark and Zole have contracted to take the place of Lord Milen Halberg.

Each player also has two "supporting" characters that they play to help flesh out each of the main characters teams.

These include:
Haddeck, the house's terrisman steward.
Captain Danworth, the new captain of the guard.
Calden, a smoker and member of Zole's crew.
Ferson, a soother and member of Zole's crew.
Eckham, a retired Hazekiller and Delmark's mentor.
Lemmelier, a coinshot who works with Eckham and Delmark.

Also joining us eventually will be Ralston Tekiel, a drunken noble mistborn who life has not been kind to.

First session coming soon!
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Re: [Actual Play] Corpses in the Canals
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Hey, how did the adventure turn out?