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Tardyclock's Play Archive [FC: Black Spur]
« on: April 28, 2012, 04:04:12 PM »
So, I thought I would create a thread to document my experiences with this system. It would probably be a better idea if I had any real insights about Fantasy Craft or had anything truly substantial to talk about but no. I'm going to pretty much just say what happened in my games, and why not? I've got nothing better to do.

So the party began Cleansing of Black Spur today, the party as it stands consists of Hue Jak Shun who is an Ogre Lancer, riding what boils down to a cross between a Wooly Mammoth and a Rhino, who uses guns, spears and pretty much everything else to great effect.
The second party member is Blud [umlaut over the u] Fontaine who is a classy assassin with an unhealthy obsession with knives. He suffers from a broad range of quirks which are not limited to reflexively throwing a knife at anything he's attempting to gesture to. He has quickly learned to not point at people anymore. He is made of sneak attack dice and ninja flips.
The third party member is Georgina [goes by Geoff]... something... I never can remember her last name and I always like a terrible DM when this happens and is a Fey Blooded Mage. She didn't start out that way of course but awoke briefly after hitting level two with a rather impressive set of butterfly wings. Supplements her magic with archery.

So, the party are travelling towards a nearby city when they camp up for the night in a sort of pseudo rest house built by the city for adventurers to squat in. It's pretty much just four walls and a fire put, hasn't even got a roof but it still reduces your chance of getting eaten by bears during the night by at least 20%. Unfortunately for the party, what stalked them that night did not much care about walls. Geoff was the one unfortunate enough to be on watch when the Wyvern swooped down and slammed her hard to the ground before flying up into the air. Little did the Wyvern known however that that was the last successful attack it would ever make.

First round of combat begins and Blud immediately leaps to his feat and takes stock of the situation. The Wyvern is about fifty feet above them, just outside of the maximum range of his throwing daggers. Blud asks if he can jump to make the 5 feet of height necessary, I tell him he's going to need something to give him a boost so he does the only sensible thing. Runs up the wall like a ninja. He of course gets an action die for this and easily passes the necessary checks before hurling his weapon up at the Wyvern.

Unfortunately for the Wyvern it wasn't a knife, it was a Flash Bomb.

This thing strikes the Wyvern right in the face and then detonates, turning the darkness into daylight for a moment before fading again. Blud rolls for Flash damage and gets 15, Wyvern rolls a 6 on the dice and is blinded for 1d6 rounds. I rolled a 6. Needless to say the rest of the fight proceeded as it began, the Wyvern flapped around wildly before taking a critical shot to the wing from Hue and landing, its sense of smell and hearing allowed it to take bites at where it was pretty sure Hue was whilst the rest of the party continued to whittle down its vitality. Eventually it gets a Critical Error and Hue activates it for 2 dice sending the blind, injured, confused Wyvern through the wall thanks to a completely miss-aimed lunge and into the waiting sights of a pack of Goblin Hunters who had been tracking it.

The Goblins unleash a storm of arrow based death and ask the party for assistance with an injured human that they captured. They of course agree as Geoff is pretty good at both magical and mundane healing and discover from said human [who is a priest] and the goblins that the local BLACK SPUR KEEP is EVIL and contains ALL THE DEMONS and they should go do research on the MAGICAL DEMON CAGE. The players once again agree out of hand and pretty much immediately set out without a single question. [I'm being brief here to avoid spoiling too much of the details for people who haven't played and to avoid boring those who have played]

So yeah, my first real session of Fantasy Craft in a long while. Vaguely amusing to run. I personally found getting the stats for the enemies properly converted to the appropriate Threat Level to be a huge chore, especially since for some reason the online NPC builder was playing silly buggers with me.
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