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Advice for recruiting and teaching new players
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So here's the story: when Crafty shipped me my Mistborn Allomancy Kickstarter Dice a few weeks ago they accidentally sent me my order twice, effectively doubling my order. I contacted them about returning the extra sets, and after a little discussion they proposed that I try demoing the MAG at my local game store and give the dice to new players as an added incentive to try the game out. I heartily agreed, and am quite excited to get back to the game in a real life setting. I should be able to give it a whirl sometime in January or February.

But before I do, I wanted to ask all of you for any advice you have, especially when it comes to demoing the game to prospective players. The overwhelming majority of my RPG experience has been with close friends and family, and it's been a long time since I ran any RPG sessions with a group of people (and I've never done it with people I didn't already know beforehand), so I'm a little rusty. So what advice do you all have? How would you suggest I go about recruiting new players and getting them interested in the game? What has been your experience with getting introduced to the MAG and/or introducing it to new players? How do you suggest I handle it if any of my players haven't read Mistborn yet?

Also, I'd love help coming up with a brief and simple one-session campaign for introducing new players to the game. I'm thinking something along the lines of:
  • Briefly go over the world setting and game basics
  • Give everyone character sheets from the sample crew "Nine Eyes."
  • Play a short mission (~2 hours) that will help illustrate the rules, Allomancy, and the different types of conflict (Social, Mental, Physical).
  • Then, the next session, let players create their own characters (or keep using the nine-eyes crew members if they wish) and start running one of the premade campaigns from the supplements- probably the Beasts of Burden campaign from Skaa: Tin and Ash (though I haven't actually read either campaign yet, so if you think the Justice: Like Ash campaign from the Terris supplement would be better for a new group, I am willing to be persuaded).