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Re: Multi-Metal stunts
« Reply #15 on: July 25, 2017, 07:50:30 PM »
Yeah, as others have said granting +2 Nudges is super powerful! That's the same bonus granted to Allomancers who become Savants in their metal. When I was first starting out I thought that a couple free nudges sounded pretty weak sauce, but then I ran a scenario where the crew tried to take on the Lord Ruler (Go to the thread titled "Fields of blood and ash" if you want to read all the narration without all the dice rolls and rule-debates. Go to the thread starting with "Round 1: ) if you want everything, including all the rules-discussions). Anyway, with a powered up crew and with The Lord Ruler, there were a LOT of free nudges floating around. We quickly came to realize how powerful nudges are, especially when you get them for free as part of an ability or stunt.

So with your proposed abilities, I would tone them down a lot. Even 1 free nudge is about the same level of power as most stunts.

That being said, I noticed that you've house-ruled 2 nudges per +1 damage, so having your abilities grant +1 nudge might not be too overpowered. I think I'd still edge towards granting the Mistborn +1D though, or perhaps giving his opponent(s) -1D.

And by the way, I love that house rule, A LOT! I too get bored of the players always throwing nudges towards damage- it makes for shorter, duller, and less-cinematic fights. I've contemplated completely disallowing nudges to be used for damage, but I like this suggestion much better. I'm definitely going to implement this for my next campaign.