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Skirmishing Feat Chain
« on: January 22, 2012, 06:01:02 PM »
Several weeks ago I was wishing that the Tactics/Outmanuver check was more usable. The main problem is that pesky 1 minute requirement. So I started to work on a chain that would have an effect like Ambush Basics's Tactics/Ambush time reduction.

Then leo asked about the usefulness of Bushwhack Basics over in the regular Fantasy Craft forum ( and upon read through it ready doesn't do anything as of now, but could do a lot in the future as new things actually give you Ambush benefits.

Mixing both goals (Outmanuver checks happen faster and more Ambush effects) fit into my proposed Skirmishing Chain pretty well.

Skirmishing Basics are not quite up to snuff for me. It should set the tone and flavor of skirmishing - light, mobile, sneaky. I think it needs two abilities: one that keys off as an ambush effect (that can be extended by Bushwhack Basics) and a static, always on effect. So more work is needed.
Skirmishing Mastery is where I stuck a fix for the major weakness for ambushes as I see it - the inability to 'rush out' and attack someone. As this is an ambush effect, it works with Bushwhack Basics's effect extension mechanic. Hooray!
Skirmishing Supremacy is where I put the Outmanuver speed up. I figured reducing 10 minutes to a full action was pretty hoss, and the close range requirement fits in with the 'unnerving pop up' and tricky maneuvering I envision a hit and run master skirmisher performing.

COVERT FEATS (or maybe Terrain?)

SKIRMISHING BASICS (may still need work... I think it needs a 'conditional' ability and an 'always on' ability.)
You are a master of using terrain to ambush and hide your numbers.
Benefit: You gain 1 die of sneak attack and 1/2 personal cover against all opponents during a surprise round due to a successful ambush.

For a skirmisher, movement is life.
Prerequisites: Skirmishing basics
Benefit: You may move up to your speed before performing an attack action during a surprise round due to a successful ambush.

Your quick movements are second to your quick mind for confounding your foes.
Prerequisites: Skirmishing mastery
Benefit: You require only a full action to make a Tactics/Outmaneuver check on an opponent in close quarters.

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